How to submit methods

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In order to submit a learning method to the Delve repository you would have:
  1. Developed a new learning method or enhanced an existing one.
  2. Have some familiarity with Delve and have perused chapter 1 of the users manual.
  3. Ran an implementation of your method on one or more datasets.

Having run your methods on one or more datasets, you should have a subdirectory under your delve methods file hierarchy (see section 1.2 of the user's manual) devoted to your method. Within this subdirectory there should be a Source directory containing code implementing the method together with some documentation (eg. postscript) about the method. The remaining subdirectories should contain results on datasets. A submission consists of a tar file of the entire directory tree containing your method. (We request that you ensure that all superfluous files are first deleted.)

We also request that you supply a web page overview for inclusion on the delve web-site. A template page is available.

As we are still in the process of establishing delve, it is best that you send us email so we can co-ordinate the transfer and iron out the rough spots.
Last Updated 8 October 1996
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