Delve Families of Datasets

Collections of related datasets.

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Some datasets are grouped into `families'. Datasets in the same family contain data from a single problem; however, each dataset has a slightly different approach. For example, one dataset may have a large input dimension and noisy outputs, while another may have a small input dimension, and no noise. In general, the families of datasets are used to fill out the cells of task-arrays.

All datasets in a family have a common base name, for example "pumadyn". To this name is appended a dash (-) followed by:

  1. An integer value signifying the number of input attributes in each case, for example `32'.
  2. One of the characters `f' or `n' signifying `fairly linear' or `non-linear' respectively.
  3. One of the characters `m' or `h' signifying `medium unpredictability/noise' or `high unpredictability/noise' respectively.

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