Collection of Reports from CSC2108 Automated Verification, Spring'99
Instructor: Marsha Chechik
Students:  Veronika Cwir, Su Rong, Ma Chuan, Yuwei Wang, Ken Pu

(Also available as Technical Report CSRG-380, Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto)

1. Title: A Case Study of Simple Mining System with PROMELA/SPIN
Authors: Su Rong and Yuwei Wang
In this project, we developed software for a simple mine system. The main objective is to model the Controller of the mine system in Promela and then check its properties using the SPIN modelchecker. We first introduce the mine system, then describe the corresponding Controller which can guarantee the pre-specified requirements, and discuss the final results. We conclude the report with a discussion of our experiences in using the verification methodology.
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2. Title: Specification of Traffic Controller in Z
Author: Veronika Cwir
This report discusses specification of a simple traffic controller system in Z. We start with a brief introduction to Z and a an informal description of the traffic controller system. Then we use the controller system to introduce Z constructs, making the presentation easy for those unfamiliar with Z. We proceed to compare Z with techniques learned throughout the semester: we describe approaches for integrating Z with temporal logic, discuss differences in the Z approach versus SMV, Promela and Concurrency Workbench. We conclude the report with our experience in verifying the specification with ZETA.
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3. Title: A Case Study of Discrete Logic Control of Hybrid System: A Formal Methods Approach
Author: Chuan Ma and Ken Q. Pu
We have investigated the possibility of design by synthesis in a case study of a production cell. The desired behavior of the production cell is stated as a set of automata. Using techniques proposed by Ramadge and Wonham, we automatically synthesize a group of decentralized controllers. In the report, we describe our implementation of a real-time control environment in which controllers are concurrently executed. Using the existing production cell simulator, we were able to mimic real life control. The report concludes with an informal comparison of verification versus synthesis.
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