Computing Insights for Teachers (Advanced Session)

What is Computing Insights for Teachers?

Computing Insights for Teachers is an intensive one-week workshop sponsored by the University of Toronto's Department of Computer Science. It is intended to give high school teachers the tools to teach Java effectively, which is important since Java is the object-oriented programming language favoured by the Advanced Placement Program..

This workshop discusses examples and projects for high school computer science classes, including self-paced units, assignments, class exercises, and projects. This workshop is also a forum for computer science teachers from all over Ontario to gather, exchange ideas, and develop new approaches for teaching.

You can find some educators comments about CIT at UTM here.

This summer, we have expanded CIT!! There are now three sessions...

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Advanced Session (UTM) Specifics

Contact Information

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to e-mail Arnold Rosenbloom (the UTM coordinator) at, or phone him at 905-828-3830.