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Planning Using Declarative Search Control

TLPlan is a planning system that utilizes domain specific search control information to control simple forward chaining search. When given sufficient control information TLPlan is able to generate plans orders of magnitude faster than domain independent planners.

Verfying this claim TLPlan was awarded distinguished performance of the first order in the AIPS-2002 planning competition.

The system is based on two key ideas.
  1. Arbitrary first-order formulas can be evaluated on the worlds generated by forward chaining. This means that complex conditions can be efficiently tested in each world using model checking with no need to resort to theorem proving.
  2. We can express search control knowledge declaratively using a first-order temporal logic. By evaluating conditions on worlds we can incrementally model check these temporal logic formulas against the sequences of worlds generated during planning, pruning from the search space foolish world sequences (i.e., useless action sequences).
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Planning with Temporally Extended Preferences using Heuristic Search

Hplan-P is a heuristic planner for problems with both hard goals and temporally extended preferences, described in the PDDL3 language. It is an extension to the TLPlan planning system. It obtained a distinguished performance award in the 5th International Planning Competition.

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