University of Toronto, CANADA

    GRL Tool Support

At present, GRL is supported by a general-purpose organization modelling tool - OME. OME provides support to various modelling frameworks by loading the framework and its functional modules dynamically.
To create a GRL model, please follow the instructions below:
0. Run OME.

1. Create a new model using  "GRL framework".

2. Create actors and intentional elements such as goals, softgoals, beliefs, ...

3. Create intentional links between these elements,... note that the

semantically wrong links could not be created.
4. Choose one element, click the right button of your mouse, in the popup
menu, you will find an item "Show Value Attribute". Click it, a dialogue box
with a table will be shown. this is the interface to input/update the "Value
Attribute name" & "Attribute value" of elements. Input arbitrary pairs of
strings in this table as the value attributes of the element. Close this
5.Choose "GRL Options"   in the menu bar. Enable the submenu "Parameterize
value attributes".
6. The values in the value attribute pairs will be shown as the element's
parameter in square bracket.
7. Create some non-intentional elements, and connect them to some intentional
elements with  attribute links.
8. Choose "GRL Options"   in the menu bar. Enable the submenu "Parameterize
9. The names of the non-intentionals will be shown as the connected
intentional element's parameter in square bracket.
10. External model name and the alias of a non-intention element could be
stored as value attributes of non-intentional elements.
At present, only graphical representation of GRL model are supported.
We will have textual representation, know-how knowledge base and qualitative reasoning mechanisms for GRL models soon.