Linkage Query Writer
(Development Preview Release)
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Note: This development preview interface showcases only a subset of the features of the LinQuer system.

Grammar Definition

linkspec_stmt := CREATE LINKSPEC linkspec_name AS link_method;

linkindex_stmt := CREATE (FULL) LINKINDEX FOR tbl_name.col_name USING native_link;

link_method := native_link | link_clause_expr | UDF;

native_link := see Supported Links section below;

link_clause_expr := link_clause AND link_clause_expr |
link_clause OR link_clause_expr |

link_clause := LINK src_tbl_name.col_name WITH tgt_tbl_name.col_name USING link_terminal;

link_terminal := native_link | UDF | linkspec_name;

Supported Links

  • synonym
  • hyponym
  • weightedJaccard
  • token intersect
  • Cosine
  • BM25
  • HMM

Required UDFs on DB2

To successfully run the queries generated by LinQuer, you will need to import the following UDFs onto DB2.
They are retrieved from Sample UDFs for Migration, IBM Developer Works).


We provide several examples here:
  1. Simple Link Using Synonym
  2. Simple Link Using Weighted Jaccard, with Link Index on visits.diagnosis Column

Example 1. Simple Link Using Synonym

translated into

Example 2. Simple Link Using Weighted Jaccard, with Link Index on Both Columns

translated into

Last Updated June 1, 2009