The age of AI is on the way

I Am Zhibo (Darren) Zhang a computer science student an AI researcher

NLP/ML specialist at UofT

I am Zhibo (Darren) Zhang, a senior undergraduate in computer science specialist, statistics major and maths minor at the University of Toronto. I am honoured to work on NLP research under supervision of professor Gerald Penn. I am currently an undergraduate research student in computational linguistics group of U of T department of Computer Science.

I have a strong passion for AI research, and I deeply believe the impact that AI will bring into our society. NLP, as an important sub-area of AI, has special attraction. Language is the media, or so-called "bridge"(as an analogy), in communication among human beings. Thus, blessing computers the ability to parse and generate natural languages has become a seperate branch in AI. 68 years ago, Alan Turing brought up the idea that machines should be able to "understand language" one day. 68 years past, I want to make my own exploration in this area.

I love programming and I have strong engineering and problem-solving skills. In the summer of 2018, I co-designed and co-developed the version 1.0 online TA Feedback System for Arts and Science, University of Toronto, under supervision of professor David Liu and professor Jason Siefken.

I also love sports: running, boxing and swimming are all my favorites. No matter how busy I am, I try to find time to do exercise to refresh myself, which keeps me in a good state of mind. Boxing also teaches me in how to become braver in facing challenges, which also helps me a lot in my study.

If you want to contact me, feel free to send me an email to