CSC2229: Software-Defined Networking -- Winter 2020

  • Instructor: Yashar Ganjali
  • Time: Monday. 10-12 PM, Location: BA5205
    • Please note that the location has changed from GB120 to BA5205
    • ** UPDATE: The class will be in GB120 for the 2dn lecture (Jan 13th). Sorry for the mix up.**
  • Office hours: Monday. 12-1 PM, or by appointment, Location: BA5238
  • Web page:

Course Description

This is a MSc/PhD level course introducing Software-Defined Networking (SDN). SDN is an emerging paradigm in computer networks that facilitates change and innovation in infrastructure and network applications by pushing network control functionalities to a logically centralized controller. We will cover the fundamentals of SDN, and focus on various research problems in the context of SDN such as

  • controller and switch design;
  • network architecture;
  • reliability, efficiency and scalability;
  • network programming, correctness, and debugging;
  • network security;
  • new abstractions, and state management;
  • network services, network function virtualization; and
  • network optimization.


Basic undergraduate courses in algorithms, networking, and in probability theory are strongly recommended.


  • Active participation in class and discussions: 10%
  • Paper presentation: 30%
  • Final project: 60%
    • Proposal: 5%
    • Intermediate report: 10%
    • Presentation: 15%
    • Final report: 30%

Late Submission Policy

5% of the mark will be deducted for each day late, up to 20%. Assignments/project reports will not be accepted after 4 days. The deadline for the final report is hard.

Class Mailing List

  • Please use for any course-related questions.
  • The e-mail address you have specified on ACORN is used to populate this list. If you haven't received a welcome message from me, please check that email address.