lightning flashes behind it , as it moves forward .

they stop outside a detached house .

someone sees a cloud of silvery dust hovering above the floor and pulls out someone's wand .

someone puts a glass vial in someone's pocket .

someone gives a wry smile .

a beam of light shines out from a lighthouse and sweeps across a shimmering blue ocean .

someone looks across at someone , who 's staring at someone .

someone turns off a lamp and makes someone's way slowly around the bed

someone gingerly picks up the fork and takes a mouthful .

later , someone draws back a curtain to look down at someone , who is pacing on the wintry street outside the apartment .

in an office , a handsome , well-groomed someone checks someone's cell phone and answers .

someone looks at someone's phone .

guardrails lie on both sides of the road trapping someone with the oncoming traffic .

someone swerves the car , smashing someone's head on the window .

someone's view quickly rises into the sky , following the sun through a full day .