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Xerion Neural Network Simulator
Uts Version 4.0

December 5, 1994

Version 4.0 of the Xerion neural network simulator (also known as the University of Toronto Simulator Uts) is now available as a Beta release, free of charge to both industry and academic researchers.

Uts was developed and is used by the Connectionist Research Group at the University of Toronto. It is made up of a set of C libraries that can be used to build complex or experimental neural networks, and pre-built simulators written with these libraries. Uts uses the Tcl command language developed at the University of California, Berkeley as its scripting language. Tcl provides a powerful yet simple interpreted interface that implements (among other things) variable substitution, command substitution, interpreted procedures, online help, and file manipulation. Uts extends the Tcl language by providing commands for: building and modifying neural networks; optimizing functions using many different methods, including conjugate gradient optimization; and examining and modifying C data structures.

As well as having a fully implemented scripting language that makes running large or batch jobs simple, Uts has a graphical interface written with the Tcl X Window System toolkit Tk. The graphical interface allows you to easily load and examine networks, train them using any of the Uts training methods, and test them on different data.

This release of Uts contains pre-built modules that implement the Back Propagation algorithm and a Mixture of Gaussians that can be trained using EM. As the Connectionist Research Group develops new models, it is our intent to make their Uts implementations available. Modules expected to be released soon include several variations of the Helmholtz Machine.

The Uts simulator is being given away free of charge. The University of Toronto retains all copyrights; however you are free to use, copy, modify, distribute and sell the software so long as you keep our copyright notice in all software and supporting documentation. Uts comes with no warranty, implied or otherwise.

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