My Annual Haircut

This is an example of what a haircut can do to a man.

Before I got my Annual Haircut(tm), this is how I lived my life:

I foraged for food in garbage cans.

I slept in dumpsters. I smelled bad. People used to mistake me for recyclable material.

After my Annual Haircut(tm), I was miraculously transformed into a studly genius!

I looked good! I felt even better! People began to notice me! I got an office, with a plant and a window and an Internet connection and everything!

This should be a Sign(tm) to you long-haired folks out there. Getting a haircut changed my life forever (or at least until next year's Annual Haircut(tm)). Perhaps you too should Get a Haircut and Get a Real Job. (And I use a whole lot less shampoo now, too.)

Request: For reasons beyond me, this haircut page seems to be about 10 times as popular as any of my other Web pages. I'm curious as to why. If you have a minute, send me e-mail and tell me how you found out about this page. eg., did you follow a link to it, did you do a search on "haircut", or what? Thanks!

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