CSC 236 -- Intro to Theory of Computation

Fall 2006

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Contact information

Instructor: Vangelis Markakis
Lectures: Wednesdays, 5-7, NE 140
Office: SE 2038E
Telephone: 905-828-5417
Office Hours: Wednesdays, 3-5 or by appointment
Tutor Daniela Rosu
Tutorials Fridays, 2-4, CC 3124

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Course outline

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Evaluation and related policies

There will be four homeworks, three quizzes, one midterm exam, and a final exam. The relative weights of these components towards the final mark are as follows:
Homeworks 32% (4 at 8% each)
8% (3 at 2%, 3% and 3%)
Midterm 20%
Final 40%

The quizzes and the midterm will be conducted in tutorial.

Note on homeworks: Homeworks will be distributed electronically, collected in tutorial only, and returned in tutorial only. No late homeworks will be accepted, except in case of documented medical or similar emergencies. The same applies for a missed quiz or midterm.

Grading of assignments: Homeworks, quizzes and midterms will be graded by the tutor. If you believe your solution deserved a better grade, you should contact your tutor either in the tutorial hours or by emailing her and arranging a meeting. In case that you still cannot resolve your question, you should contact me.

Policy on collaboration: Discussing homeworks is permitted only with other students in the class. Copying from others' homeworks is strictly prohibited - you must write up your solutions on your own.  If challenged by either your tutor or the instructor, you must be able to reproduce and explain any solution you submit in an oral exam.  Failure to observe this policy is an academic offense, carrying a penalty ranging from a zero on the homework to suspension from the university.

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Tentative Calendar of course-related events

Date Event
Wed, 13 September First lecture
Fri, 15 September First tutorial
Wed, 20 September Assignment 1 distributed
Fri, 22 September Quiz 1 (in tutorial)
Sun, 24 September Last day to add a course
Fri, 6 October Assignment 1 due (in tutorial),
Assignment 2 distributed
Fri, 13 October
Quiz 2 (in tutorial)
Fri, 20 October Midterm (in tutorial)
Fri, 27 October Assignment 2 due (in tutorial),
Assignment 3 distributed
Sun, 5 November Last day to drop a course
Fri, 10 November Quiz 3 (in tutorial)
Fri, 17 November Assignment 3 due (in tutorial),
Assignment 4 distributed
Wed, 6 December Last lecture,
Assignment 4 due (in tutorial)
11-21 December Final Exam period

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Old exams

Some midterm and final exams for earlier incarnations of this course are available here (with no solutions). Back to the index

This web-page was adapted from the web-page for an earlier instantiation of this course, created by Vassos Hadzilacos.