CSC263H1: Data Structures and Analysis – Summer 2016


Welcome to the course webpage for the summer 2016 term of CSC263H1, Data Structures and Analysis. Here is the course description:

Algorithm analysis: worst-case, average-case, and amortized complexity. Standard abstract data types, such as graphs, dictionaries, priority queues, and disjoint sets. A variety of data structures for implementing these abstract data types, such as balanced search trees, hashing, heaps, and disjoint forests. Design, implementation, and comparison of data structures. Introduction to lower bounds.

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Contact information

Instructor Tyrone Strangway
Email tyrone -at-

Office hours

Wed 1-3 PM in BA 3219

Text Book

Introduction to Algorithms, Third Edition by Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson, Ronald L. Rivest and Clifford Stein is available online from the University of Toronto library.


Wed 8-9 PM (right after lecture).




July 14: As mentioned on piazza, the tests are graded and have been returned. If you missed your chance to get it I will have them in my office hours tomorrow. I am having office hours in my office (1:30-3:30)to discuss your results on the test. If you did poorly and wish to discus your grade this is your chance before the drop date.

June 13: We will have an additional office hour tomorrow 1:30-3:30 in my office, SF4306.

June 13: I have posted a bonus question for A2.

June 12: We will have one more set of office hours this week (and I may be 15 min late for the normal one on Wed). Vote on Piazza for which office hour you prefer, poll closes Mon night.

June 9: I have posted sample solutions to some problems seen in class, see the pinned Piazza post.

June 9: I will hold office hours tomorrow in my office (SF4306) from 1:30-3:30.

June 6: I've updated A2 with some clarifications / hints. Also readings and tutorial exercises are up. You do not need to complete the exercises now. They are meant for solving during tutorial, they are there if you wish to get a look at what is going on and want to think about it.

June 5: more of A2 is now posted. I will post one final (short round) after next lecture.

May 29: A2 is now posted (or the start of it is) I will post more after the next lecutre.

May 23: My office hours for this week are TUE 12-2 BA 3219 and THU 11-1 SF 4306

There was a typo for the tutorial rooms. It is now corrected.

May 17: A1 is now complete (with a bonus question).

May 16: The first three questions to A1 are now out.

The first leture will be covered by our TA (Jai) since I am on my way back from a conference in Singapore.