M y F i r s t N a m e ( a t ) c s

I am a researcher in the Deep Learning and Language group at Microsoft Research Montreal. My research interests mainly involve applying deep neural networks to natural language understanding and generation. My publications can be found here.

I received my PhD (computer science) in Nov. 2016 under the supervision of Professor Graeme Hirst. My supervisory committee consists of Professor Gerald Penn, Professor Ruslan Salakhutdinov, and Professor Suzanne Stevenson.

During my graduate study, I was mainly interested in lexical and compositional semantic modelling with a particular focus on leveraging syntactic structures and/or lexicographic knowledge in neural-network-based methods.

Prior to Toronto, I received BSc from a joint program of cs and maths, and MSc in automatic control theory from Northeastern University in China. I've also been an ESL lecturer at Northeastern and New Oriental. I have also worked part-time as a software developer and cs consultant at QuillSoft.