Courses taken at Toronto

Fall 2015
CSC 2414Discrepancy Theory in Computer Science

Spring 2014
CSC 2429Topics in Computational Complexity

Fall 2013
CSC 2221Theory of Distributed Computing

Courses taken at Berkeley

Fall 2010
CS 294-62Algorithmic Coding Theory

Spring 2010
CS 263Programming Language Theory
Math 278Additive Combinatorics

Fall 2009
CS 294-44Markov Chain Monte Carlo
CS 274Computational Geometry

Spring 2009
CS 294-29Algorithmic Game Theory

Fall 2008
CS 294-26Algorithms Toolkit
CS 262AComputer Systems

Courses taken at Madison

Spring 2008
CS 880Harmonic Analysis of Boolean Functions
CS 435Cryptography
EPD 397Technical Communication
Anthro 104Cultural Anthropology

Fall 2007
CS 812Number Theoretic Algorithms
Math 773Computability Theory
ECE 551Digital System Synthesis
Ling 330Syntax

Spring 2007
CS 880Approximation Algorithms
CS 810Complexity Theory
Math 641Error Correcting Codes
ECE 342Electronic Circuits

Fall 2006
CS 787Randomized Algorithms
CS 537Operating Systems
CS 520Theory of Computation
Math 431Probability Theory
ECE 340Electronic Circuits

Summer 2006
CS 540Artificial Intelligence

Spring 2006
Math 521Real Analysis
ECE 554Digital Engineering Lab
ECE 330Signals and Systems
ECE 315Microprocessor Lab
ECE 270Circuits Lab
Music 40Wind Ensemble

Fall 2005
CS 577Algorithms
CS 552Computer Architecture
Math 571Mathematical Logic
ECE 353Microprocessor Systems
ECE 321Transmission Lines
Ling 301Linguistics
Music 40Concert Band

Spring 2005
CS 536Compilers
CS 525Optimization
Math 541Abstract Algebra
ECE 351Digital Logic Lab
ECE 230Circuit Analysis
ECE 220Electromagnetics
Music 40Wind Ensemble

Fall 2004
CS 367Data Structures
Math 475Combinatorics
ECE 352Digital Systems
ECE 170Circuits Lab
Physics 202Physics
Music 40Wind Ensemble

Spring 2004
CS 354Machine Programming
Math 341Linear Algebra
Math 240Discrete Mathematics
Physics 201Physics
Music 40Wind Ensemble

Fall 2003
CS 302Programming
Math 234Multivariable Calculus
Chem 109Chemistry
Econ 101Microeconomics
Music 40Wind Ensemble