Jackpine: A Spatial Database Benchmark

   With the growing popularity of Web Mapping and Location based services, the spatial support in the major relational databases have become increasingly important. The spatial functionalities across the commercial and open-source databases differ widely and there is no standard spatial database benchmark to compare such diverse offerings. Jackpine is a database benchmark to evaluate spatial database performance. It was developed by researchers at the Systems Lab at the University of Toronto's Computer Science department.   The benchmark includes a number of carefully chosen spatial workloads and is extensible so that new test scenarios can be added.

Jackpine is publicly available for the researchers and academic users. The latest binary release can be downloaded here.  The source is available here.  Detailed instructions about how to download the data set (shape files) are provided along with the distribution, a copy of which can be downloaded from here.

Trivia: the Jackpine is a species of pine tree. It is also the name of a famous painting by Canadian painter Tom Thomson.