University of Toronto - Winter 2007
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CSC 324: Principles of Programming Languages

Assignment 3

This page contains links to all relevant documents for Assignment 3.


Feb 15 There will be an optional help session to discuss Assignment 3. If no one has Assignment 3 questions, we will use this time to review general material and concepts in the course: There will be two more Help Sessions for Assignment 3:

Miscellaneous Tips on Scheme Debugging and Code Testing

Feb 17
1. Tips on Debugging Your Scheme Code
Please read this for some tips on debugging Scheme code and writing code with good style.

2. Tips on Testing
To help you in testing your code, you might like to develop a test suite, by creating an input file (e.g., "") with a series of commands for Scheme to run, and an output file (e.g., "testfile.out") with the results for you to analyze. To run this test suite, you can use the command Here is an example input file
No -- you do NOT have to hand in your test suites for A3, but you do need to test your code! The above is just for your information. It may or may not prove to be useful to you.

3. Other Ways to Create Output
Don't forget that you can also use the built-in procedures transcript-on and transcript-off to record a transcript of a Scheme session. E.g.,

Specification of the Assignment

Assignment 3 Handout PDF (Due Tuesday February 27, 1pm) ** Note change in due date **.

You must follow the following Code Requirements and Marking Information.
Please review the following helpful document on testing.

It's your responsibility to monitor the newsgroup and the A3 Clarifications Page for any clarifications or corrections.

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