University of Toronto - Fall 2004
Department of Computer Science

CSC 324: Principles of Programming Languages

The Two Sections of CSC324

What you're responsible for: There are two sections of CSC324 being offered this fall. One during the day, taught by me, and one in the evening taught by Gerald Penn. It is our current intention for the courses to share assignments, tests and final exams. Nevertheless, our lectures may be somewhat different. You are not responsible for the material that is covered in Penn's class, if it was not covered in our class. You will be evaluated on material covered in my lectures, tutorials, and readings. Note that it may be useful to look at the material covered in the other class. Seeing the material presented two different ways is often helpful. You may also find different examples, which are always helpful in learning new material. The evening section web page is:

Newsgroup: We will be sharing a newsgroup with the evening class. You should read all correspondence on this newsgroup. Nevertheless, to assist in identifying important announcements that are only relevant to our section, I will try to include the word "(Day)" in the Subject header to make it clear that it is relevant to the daytime section of the course.