CSC2502: Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
Fall 2021  

An important notice to students thinking of taking this course:

Similar to many of our foundational graduate courses, CSC2502 is cross-listed with an undergraduate course, namely CSC486. The instructor for CSC486 has now been officially announced. It will be Dr. Bahar Aameri, who has taught the course before and has a PhD in KR. I will not be the in-class instructor for this course. Dr. Aaameri will (very capably) deliver all the lectures. I am overseeing the choices made in the delivery and dissemination of the graduate course material but will have little/no contact with students, aside from perhaps a guest lecture. We plan for graduate students to follow the same syllabus as the senior undergraduates. Full information is available to registered students via Quercus. Below you will find an overview.

CSC486/CSC2502 syllabus and week-by-week overview:

This is a very interesting topic and course and I encourage you to take it! -- Sheila