Finishing my first marathon   During my 2nd marathon   Finishing my 2nd marathon

I've been a distance runner for about 5 years now. I'm not sure what really got me started, but my skinny, muscle-deprived frame made the sport an ideal candidate for me. In that time I've completed a 50km baby ultra marathon, 2 marathons, 3 half-marathons, and a couple of 10km runs.

Race Results

Distance (km) My Time (hh:mm:ss) Date (mm/dd/yy) Race
42.2 3:42:51 05/29/05 National Capital Marathon (Ottawa)
21.1 1:44:03 04/24/05 21Kmtl (Montreal)
50.0 6:49:29 06/27/04 Mount-Royal Summit Quest (Montreal)
42.2 3:51:31 05/30/04 National Capital Marathon (Ottawa)
21.1 1:43:21 04/18/04 21Kmtl (Montreal)
21.1 1:43:23 09/28/03 Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon (Toronto)
10.0 0:47:37 10/13/02 Toronto Grand Prix 10km Final (Toronto)
10.0 0:51:38 10/21/01 Compugen 10k (Toronto)


Thanks to my insanely awesome Garmin Forerunner and the unbelievably talented folks at Google I've been able to put together satellite image maps of some of my runs:

More maps, and stats to follow!