Rui yan

Ph.D Candidate

Department of Computer Science

University of Toronto


Sanford Flemming 3203, 10 King's College Road
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 3G4




I am a Ph.D student in the Database group, Computer Science department, University of Toronto. My research is in bioinformatics and data mining field. My focus is on the pattern discovery in SNPs sequences and E-business sequences. Dr.Igor Jurisica is my supervisor. Before I came to University of Toronto, I was in Dr. Pawan Lingrasís research group, at Math and Computing Science department in Saint Mary's university.

CSC104 The Why and How of Computing

CSC411 Machine Learning and Data Mining

CSC108 Introduction to Computer Programming

CSC148 Introduction to Computer Science

And more...

Research Projects

Research Interests

Bioinformatics, Pattern discovery, Gibbs sampling algorithm, Association mining, Clustering algorithms.


I am currently working on the pattern discovery in the diseased Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms sequences

Courses Took:

Courses TAed:

 CSC2515H Machine Learning

 CSC2103H Software Architecture & Design

 CSC2417H Algorithms for Genome Sequence Analysis

 CSC2204H Operating Systems

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