Description retrieval for COCO DEV images

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Input Output
Image 1

The salad has many different types of vegetables in it .

Image 2

A little leaguer swings his Easton bat at the next pitch

Image 3

so many people at the beach swimming and resting

Image 4

A man on a black and red motorcycle riding down the street .

Image 5

A baseball player is warming up during a game .

Image 6

A desk with many student-related items on it .

Image 7

A young man has a Frisbee behind his head preparing to throw it .

Image 8

Baseball player at home plate holding a bat .

Image 9

A maroon and red bus with the words `` Beacon Bus '' .

Image 10

A table , chairs , fireplace and tv decorate the living room .

Image 11

A man is playing tennis on a lit court .

Image 12

A open window that leads to a balcony .

Image 13


Image 14

A military person sharing photos with young girls .

Image 15

Bridges over partially frozen river with train on highest bridge .

Image 16

Two people outside grilling with one holding an umbrella over them .

Image 17

Traffic is stopped at an intersection in a city .

Image 18

A black and green vintage engine moves along tracks by a station .

Image 19

A large screen projecting image from a laptop computer .

Image 20

There is an airplane that is not moving .

Image 21

A lady is playing doubles tennis with a man .

Image 22

The vegetables are in the shape of a heart in the frying pan .

Image 23


Image 24

a number of signs on buildings with a tower

Image 25

Dog wearing motorcycle riding gear sitting in sidecar .

Image 26

A drawing room with a lampshade in a corner.4-5 persons are gathered .

Image 27

a yellow bus is parked next to another one

Image 28

A subway moves past a graffiti-covered wall at a subway stop .

Image 29

A clock is hanging from a post outside .

Image 30

A close up picture of a cooked pizza .

Image 31

A bathroom that has a stainless steel toilet and stainless steel style walls .

Image 32

Two motorcycle riders are wearing blue and green .

Image 33

A group of people that are standing near bananas .

Image 34

A street scene with focus on a gray and red fire hydrant .

Image 35

A red stop sign mounted to a fence next to a do not block sign .

Image 36

There are several immages of food as it is being prepared .

Image 37

A little girl 's bike is left near a yellow fire hydrant .

Image 38

a room with a silver refrigerator and a wooden door

Image 39

A man in white uniform in batting stance at home plate .

Image 40

An old locomotive is moving along and billowing steam

Image 41

People walking on a road and sidewalk overlooking a beach .

Image 42

A man with his head down is on a park bench .

Image 43

A table on a balcony with lots of different colored spools of thread .

Image 44

this is a messy bed sitting next to a window on a snowy day

Image 45

A green vintage truck on display at a car show .

Image 46

A tennis player swings her racquet towards an incoming tennis ball

Image 47

A cat relaxing on a plaid couch on a person 's clothes .

Image 48

A modern toilet and white waste can are seen here .

Image 49

A double-decker bus with a sign on the side that says , `` THE HONESTY SHOP . ''

Image 50

A lush green hillside sitting next to a large body of water .

Image 51

A man in gray and black holds up a small cell phone .

Image 52

four zebras grazing in a barren field

Image 53

a street sign telling people where the central area is .

Image 54

Stacked trays of sandwiches and sweets are sitting on a table .

Image 55

There is a cart with a trash can next to a sign .

Image 56

A crosswalk with a traffic light sitting next to it .

Image 57

A picture on a man and woman at a dinner .

Image 58

People sitting on a couch , playing a video game using remotes .

Image 59

A banana tree filled with lots of unripe bananas .

Image 60

A fridge that is halfway open during the night .

Image 61

An airplane and other equipment sitting on the runway .

Image 62

A hot dog with lettuce , bacon , tomato and peppers .

Image 63

one girl and three guys playing Frisbee in a fenced area

Image 64

A skateboarder is loosing his balance while riding on a ramp .

Image 65

The pasta dish has several vegetables mixed in it .

Image 66

A brown and white cow standing next to each other on a field .

Image 67

A leather sofa and chairs surrounding a square coffee table

Image 68

A fancy table setting with candlelight and red wine

Image 69

A bus of people sit in a parking lot .

Image 70

A man in glasses and a hat is in the grass cleaning a frisbee .

Image 71

A large cardboard box is on a kitchen floor .

Image 72

A cat crawling into a black screen door .

Image 73

A woman and children sit in a child 's bedroom .

Image 74

there are hooks on the wall by the window where people have hung things .

Image 75

A jumbo jet in an airport during the day .

Image 76

A man is holding a tennis racket as if he has just finished hitting the ball .

Image 77

A toilet with the lid up is seen here .

Image 78

A team of orange shirts accosting a white shirt during a frisbee game .

Image 79

a station with lots of people and different clocks

Image 80

Cross country skier trekking up a large mountain .

Image 81

A plate has shredded meat and vegetables on it .

Image 82

A couple of dark horses walking on a lush green field .

Image 83

A man and little girl are playing tennis together .

Image 84

A nice , neat kitchen with wooden cabinets and lots of shelves .

Image 85

Boys are in a grassy area playing a sport .

Image 86

A tennis player is in action near the net .

Image 87

Two white and black street signs with sky in background .

Image 88

A man is playing with a red frisbee in the dirt .

Image 89

A small dog playing with a colorful frisbee

Image 90

A wooden floor with laptop , cellphone and a messenger bag .

Image 91

Stir fry with meat and broccoli and rice on a plate .

Image 92

A wooden table with a rug on it and books open .

Image 93

People are seen in a restaurant eating pizza .

Image 94

There is a desk with a lot of items on it .

Image 95

An airplane is making contact for a landing .

Image 96

A surfer riding the waves on the ocean , windsurfers in the background .

Image 97

a toddler putting a cell phone by his mouth

Image 98

A woman standing next to skis while holding a ski pole .

Image 99

A man who is typing on a keyboard as others look on .

Image 100

A man riding a skateboard down a street while others are waiting to get on behind him .

Image 101


Image 102

a mama goat and her baby walking on a slope

Image 103

A skateboarder grabs his board as he does a trick .

Image 104

A man standing in the middle of a crowded street

Image 105

A well dressed gentleman posed next to a silk screen .

Image 106

A man is on a computer that is connected to a TV .

Image 107

A picture of a man sitting on a horse in front of a building .

Image 108

A bunch of octopus kites flying in the air and a crowd of people standing around watching from a white tent and a yellow one .

Image 109

an image of a man on skiis doing a race

Image 110

A beach with waves and people and a black bird flying above .

Image 111

Two people cross country skiing with pine trees in the background .

Image 112

Cat sitting on table next to electronic keyboard in residence .

Image 113

A snowboarder is jumping near a wooded area .

Image 114

a woman with a suitcase walking toward a building

Image 115

A person holds a submarine sandwich , wrapped in foil .

Image 116

some broccoli sits in front of a sign

Image 117

a women that has a bowl of cereal in her hand

Image 118

A person sheering the wool off of a sheep in a building .

Image 119

A surfer is silhouetted against a sunset at the beach .

Image 120

A picture of a man in a white teeshirt with a heart umbrella .

Image 121

A man riding on top of a skateboard under a blue sky .

Image 122

People milling around the street corner near the entrance to the Subway .

Image 123

A white and red train parked near a bridge .

Image 124

Fisheye lense portrait of a man eating in a restaurant .

Image 125

A bath room with a large mirror in it .

Image 126

A dirt bike motorcycle leaning up against a group of small trees .

Image 127

The back of a vehicle with the door open .

Image 128

A baseball player in the middle of his swing .

Image 129

a man riding a blue dirt bike jumping in mid air

Image 130

a grape fruit cake with extra grapes

Image 131

A man is pretending to ski on a stage .

Image 132

A man catching a Frisbee on a cloudy day .

Image 133

A yellow train traveling along side of a forest covered hillside .

Image 134

A skateboarder does a trick at night .

Image 135

The airplane is carrying the space shuttle in the air .

Image 136

The cow is looking back at the camera .

Image 137

Two sheeps on a grassy field during the day .

Image 138

A tennis racket is leaned against a bench .

Image 139

A person in biking gear doing a trick on a dirt bike .

Image 140


Image 141

A man is walking a cow towards a tent-like structure .

Image 142

A double bus in an European city has pedestrians blocking the way

Image 143

A street sign view of two buildings in the city .

Image 144

A hot dog on a bun covered in lots of pastrami and a pickle .

Image 145

Two little girls who have a hair dryer .

Image 146

A room filled with flowers in front of windows .

Image 147

A man is holding a skateboad and a pepsi .

Image 148

A group of dogs inside of a cage on a vehicle .

Image 149

A large white boat near a small red and white sail boat .

Image 150

This lama is standing near a tree and a hill .

Image 151

The guy shows the lady how to use the control .

Image 152

A smiling man in glasses showing off a doughnut

Image 153

A yellow and black fire hydrant next to dirt field .

Image 154

Two men at a wooden table with a pizza .

Image 155

Surfer kicking up a lot of water while on top of a wave .

Image 156

Some big brown cows laying in the grass .

Image 157

there is a game that is ging on at thte gym and people aer looking

Image 158

Large amounts of food layed out buffet style and people serving themselves

Image 159

A corner of a rest room with tiled walls and a big mirror .

Image 160

A boy holding one of many cats in the room .

Image 161

A businessman might as well check his phone while waiting .

Image 162

Two small horses are pulling a wooden carriage .

Image 163

Two farm animals are looking directly at the camera .

Image 164

An elderly woman smiling while cross country skiing .

Image 165

Large white dog sitting on the back of a couch .

Image 166

The motorcyclist travels quickly in the busy traffic .

Image 167

A bowl of beans and a cup on a table .

Image 168

People walking down the street holding signs by a traffic light .

Image 169

A cat relaxing on a plaid couch on a person 's clothes .

Image 170

a big bus parked besides a red car

Image 171

Two people setting up their tennis shot in a game of doubles .

Image 172

A very cute looking girl with a big smile .

Image 173

two zebras standing together with one 's head over the others back

Image 174

An outdoor setup of a model train with landscaping .

Image 175

a birthday cake covered with a lot of candles

Image 176

a clear vase with long stemmed yellow flowers on a dining table .

Image 177

The woman is pretending to brush her teeth with a giant toothbrush .

Image 178

A harbor with multiple blue and white boats and seagulls flying around .

Image 179

an old photo of a person standing holding a tennis racket

Image 180

This city is located near a body of water .

Image 181

a yellow and black train with its lights on

Image 182

A cat is sleeping on the back of a sofa .

Image 183

A far away shot of Big Ben and the nearby complex .

Image 184

A person in black with a red tie dancing

Image 185

A woman is wearing a uniform hat and a sweater .

Image 186

a small room filled with wooden cabinets and shelves

Image 187

He does n't use two hands for his backhand stroke .

Image 188

There is a clock displayed for everyone to see .

Image 189

Compact , spotless private bathroom in a public facility .

Image 190

An Asian girl on her cell phone in a crowded area .

Image 191

Two taxis at a stop light in what looks like a big city .

Image 192

Two men work on a green , antique train .

Image 193

A person with bright red hair and shirt using a black umbrella .

Image 194

A pile of bananas is picture in black and white .

Image 195

A girl feeding a little boy with a spoon .

Image 196

A man leaning on 2 skis and 2 poles .

Image 197

The sandwich and rice platter is being served for lunch .

Image 198

it is very foggy and there are animals on a field

Image 199

A big white trash truck in a lot .

Image 200

A grey and white sculpture next to rocks and grass .

Image 201

A photographer waiting to take a girls photo .

Image 202

A young girl holding a parasol and a parents hand .

Image 203

Some vases sitting on top of a wooden ledge .

Image 204

Three urinals set in a line in a public bathroom

Image 205

Passenger jet , on runway , white with blue trim , USA AIRWAYS .

Image 206

This young pony is sticking its face through a rail

Image 207

A motorcycle and car drive down a European street .

Image 208

a cookie and orange on a table next to a tablet computer .

Image 209

The lady is sitting in the chair on her lab top computer .

Image 210

A computer desk with mugs , a desktop monitor and cards .

Image 211

Homemade cheese and red sauce pizza on a plate with flour and dough on the wood table .

Image 212

A woman in sneakers at a food stand

Image 213

a lady talking on her cell phone and two other people

Image 214

A laptop is docked on a stand while another keyboard is positioned for use .

Image 215

a little league batter and parents watching the game

Image 216

A group of jets that are flying in the sky over a statue .

Image 217

A bunch of chest boxes stacked on top of each other behind a long glass table .

Image 218

a coupe of toilets are in a yellow room

Image 219

All of the candles are lit around a birthday cake .

Image 220

After getting wet , a dog likes to dry with a vigorous shake .

Image 221

A stop sign sits near a fence that surrounds a field .

Image 222

A man sitting in a dark corner working on and lit up by a laptop .

Image 223

green field with animals and mountains in the background

Image 224

A cat batting at the water in a toilet .

Image 225

a couple of people that are posing by a car

Image 226

the railway is built near a river and there is a train moving

Image 227

A bunch of bananas on white tray next to boxes and bags .

Image 228

A man fixing a fence while a woman and two elephants watch .

Image 229

A young boy holding a catchers mitt trying to catch a ball .

Image 230

A girl in a gray and black wet suit is on a white surfboard while in a wave .

Image 231

A fancy sandwich on toasted bread and a small salad .

Image 232

Man sitting down with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth .

Image 233

A woman in a wheel chair with a small herd of dogs .

Image 234

An elephant is walking through a vast wild land .

Image 235

A cluttered room with desks and chairs in it

Image 236

A man is making his way up the slope on his skis .

Image 237

A man is hiking while holding a gun .

Image 238

half empty bowl of cereal with a loaf of bread , a banana , and beverage

Image 239

A large brown bear standing on a big rock

Image 240

A garden with several wooden boxes of plants in it .

Image 241

A streetlight hanging from wires under a cloudy sky .

Image 242

A woman kicking a soccer ball across a field .

Image 243

The goose is curious about whats in the bucket .

Image 244

The top portion of an opened box containing a Nintendo Wii .

Image 245

Group of giraffes standing by a pile of wood in an exhibit .

Image 246

A street at night with trees and streetlights on .

Image 247

this is a group of elephants in the water near rocks

Image 248

A panini , pckle , and broccoli lying on top of a tray .

Image 249

A girl testing out the water in a shower with a man taking a pic in the mirror

Image 250

A beautiful young woman in a bikini feeding a baby food .

Image 251

a bathroom with double sinks and mirrors , with a strip of multi-colored tiles on the white wall

Image 252

A young woman is picking a black cat up off of the floor .

Image 253

A yellow and black bird is perched on a branch from a tree .

Image 254

The man holds a phone next to his ear .

Image 255

A biker with a helmet and biker shorts .

Image 256

A man swinging something on stage next to a microphone .

Image 257

A woman sitting on a beach chair with many people around her .

Image 258

Large brown and white bull walking near a man .

Image 259

A red sign with message written in a foreign language .

Image 260

A brown horse pulling a cart down the street with a man riding in the cart .

Image 261

A sculpture of four horses pulling a man in a cart in gold .

Image 262

A kid is doing a trick on a skateboard over a barrel .

Image 263

A small bird sitting on top of a bunch of sticks .

Image 264

A man in the snow with skis on his back following a dog

Image 265

Three people around very colorful objects on a street .

Image 266

A wide view of people shopping in an indoor market .

Image 267

A cat has keys , a channel selector , a bottle and a cell phone sitting on his back .

Image 268

A pot filled with noodles , vegetables , and meat in it .

Image 269

A silver fire hydrant is in clear focus of the foreground with a blurry man standing next to a sign behind it .

Image 270

A man in a white uniform kicks a soccer ball .

Image 271

A large adult giraffe is standing in tall bushes .

Image 272

There are lights strung up above the room .

Image 273


Image 274

a woman pets a big black dog on grass

Image 275

A book and yarn that is on a sheet .

Image 276

A large jetliner taking off from a runway .

Image 277

A man wearing sunglasses is riding a scooter .

Image 278

A life size teddy bear sitting at a dining table .

Image 279

A child is holding his head close to a giant pizza .

Image 280

two horses standing in the sand next to a female

Image 281

A large animal hanging from a tree branch in a green room .

Image 282

A kitten is staring straight ahead on a carpet .

Image 283

A person putting a pepperoni on to an uncooked pizza .

Image 284

A children 's bedroom with stuffed animals and a television .

Image 285

A group of people on horses are all lined up .

Image 286

A cat sleeps curled up in a bowl .

Image 287

The boy jumps around on the skate board and the other boy watches .

Image 288

Open savanna with a lone giraffe facing the camera .

Image 289

A laptop on a stand next to a keyboard , mouse and phone .

Image 290

a close up of some bright colorful kites above the beach

Image 291

An orange cat standing between a persons feet .

Image 292

Stunt airplanes fly in unison leaving behind a cloud of smoke

Image 293

An animal that looks like a horse with stripes grazing on some grass .

Image 294

A small white cat looking directly in the camera .

Image 295

A silver colored case sits on a glass surface .

Image 296

A male tennis player engaged in a competition .

Image 297

Man walking by a large flock of sheep and goats .

Image 298

There is an entertainment center in the room .

Image 299

A heavily curtained hotel room with a tatami bed

Image 300

People playing in the sand in front of some buildings .

Image 301

Herd of zebras grazing in a field of grass in the savannah .

Image 302

Two girls laugh as they play with the controllers .

Image 303

A baseball player walking across a field while holding a bat .

Image 304

Surfer riding the waves while another one watches .

Image 305

A surfer in a wetsuit is trying to do a trick .

Image 306

A cat sitting on the ground posing for a photo .

Image 307

A group of guys that are sitting around together .

Image 308

A man is hitting a ball with his racket .

Image 309

A woman walking a couple of horses down a walkway ; .

Image 310

Blue and red street signs in a foreign language .

Image 311

a woman riding a skateboard down a sidewalk

Image 312

A view of bicycles from a small mirror .

Image 313

Adults walking past woman on cell phone in metropolitan area .

Image 314

The woman stares up as she eats the pizza .

Image 315

Three statues positioned near a fountain in a park .

Image 316

A plane riding over a landscape into a dark sky .

Image 317

A beautiful woman doing the splits on a sandy beach .

Image 318

A group of green parrots sitting on top of a cement wall .

Image 319

a bunch of products like a glue gun and some scissors

Image 320

A well-lit living room with two couches and an area rug .

Image 321

A cat that is sitting in front of a monitor .

Image 322

A kitchen filled with dishes and food with tables on top of white chairs .

Image 323

A boy and girl crafting with paper on a rug .

Image 324

a toddler putting a cell phone by his mouth

Image 325

An area in front of a building has fountains , trees , benches , and people .

Image 326

Workers loading luggage onto a large passenger jet .

Image 327

a funny shaped toilet with a dark brown lid

Image 328

A girl holds up a small white dog near another girl who is holding a blow dryer .

Image 329

there is a small pie with anchovies on it on a plate

Image 330

Meat is in between an open sesame bun .

Image 331

A yellow and black bike is sitting indoors .

Image 332

A man holding a clump of broccoflower over a cutting board .

Image 333

A person holding a small tablet device in his hands .

Image 334

A large cat sitting with its back turned by another smaller cat .

Image 335

A half eaten ice cream sandwich is shown in close up .

Image 336

This person is practicing his tricks on the skis .

Image 337

A red buoy next to a rocky outcrop with a lighthouse and home on it .

Image 338

A baseball game with a crowd of fans in the stands .

Image 339

A blurry image of people walking a street at night with neon signs .

Image 340

Large and empty bathroom with a magazine stand and vanity table .

Image 341

A single bed in room with a green and blue wall .

Image 342

Several red and white jets flying in the sky together .

Image 343

A picture of a delicious looking glazed donut .

Image 344

People on a car driving past elephants and a hippo .

Image 345

A train with yellow cars sitting underneath a covering .

Image 346

Boys play soccer in sand in front of a crowd .

Image 347

The people are snow shoeing across the mountain

Image 348

a small child with a stuffed animal in his shirt

Image 349

Boys in their uniforms playing a game of baseball .

Image 350

The woman is smoking a cigarette and talking on the phone .

Image 351

A man in yellow vest on motorcycle next to a building .

Image 352

A bed rooom that has a bed , small in table , waste can and a lamp .

Image 353

A group of people on a street with a truck .

Image 354

An airplane submerged in water just off the shore .

Image 355

A yellow tour bus that looks like a boat on wheels .

Image 356

A cone laying next to a yellow and green fire hydrant .

Image 357

A very cute cat laying down in the shade .

Image 358

A vintage photograph of two men playing baseball in a park .

Image 359

The train is taking a long journey across the country side .

Image 360

A green field is shown with the rock mystery .

Image 361

A small table and chair sit in the room with plants .

Image 362

a man holds a glowing item while in the dark

Image 363

A display of pink glazed donuts on a table .

Image 364

A guy is waxing his white and blue surfboard .

Image 365

A black dog 's eyes gleam in the light .

Image 366

Yellow fire hydrant sitting on a black post around mud .

Image 367

A bowl filled with fruit on top of a green table .

Image 368

A table topped with construction supplies and scissors .

Image 369

The tree is setting at the edge of the river bank .

Image 370

A group of four friends enjoying a pizza together .

Image 371

A beige bathroom has a stall , four sinks and a marble counter top .

Image 372

A cat yawning while sitting in an old wooden miniature chair .

Image 373

A large hill and field with a distant structure .

Image 374

A group of men wearing blue shits standing on a baseball field .

Image 375

A kid is trying to catch something while standing in a park .

Image 376

A low angle view of a church clock .

Image 377

Vehicle traffic on a busy city street on a cloudy day .

Image 378

Two skiers are going down a groomed snow hill .

Image 379

one whole donut with sprinkles sitting next to a half eaten donut on a brown paper bag .

Image 380

The elephants are walking down the street by the bridge .

Image 381

A food tuck is seen parked next to a building .

Image 382

Tennis player and red outfit holding a racket .

Image 383

A room with windows , bikes , chairs , and a table .

Image 384

A very colorful bird flies through the air while a woman looks on with delight .

Image 385

There are some people walking in a matters store .

Image 386

A group of teenagers petting an animal in an field .

Image 387

A brown bear and a dark brown bear in water .

Image 388

Close up view of a yellow fire hydrant in grass .

Image 389

A bathroom with green and white walls .

Image 390

A man is riding an elephant who is playing with a ball .

Image 391

a close up of a toy panda on small boxes on a table

Image 392

The broccoli is in between the mean and beans .

Image 393

A very old urn on display with other vases at a museum .

Image 394

A white jet is on the ground by a field .

Image 395

A man holding a child next to two horses .

Image 396

A baby plays with brush while mother waits for her hair to be brushed .

Image 397

Several people who are in a room together .

Image 398

there is a skier that can be seen next to the mountains

Image 399

Two cows that are wading in some water .

Image 400

A open window that leads to a balcony .

Image 401

A boy is messing with a skate board on the edge of a sidewalk .

Image 402

A plant that is standing next to a vase .

Image 403

A white dog is looking towards the distance .

Image 404

A large beautiful clock attached to a building

Image 405

A person with clear plastic gloves is preparing food as plates of vegetables and meats .

Image 406

A surfer carrying his surfboard out of the ocean .

Image 407

A man herding goats on a field in the mountains .

Image 408

The playroom for the children is clean and organized .

Image 409

There are some fresh greens on top of a pizza

Image 410

The elephant herd take turns going to the river .

Image 411

A very close up view of some good looking food .

Image 412

white dog sitting in front of owner on the bus

Image 413

A boy with a water shirt on , laying on a boogie board and riding a wave in .

Image 414

An old man sitting down next to an elephant .

Image 415

An elephant stands by a tree while putting trunk in his mouth

Image 416

An old time transit bus with the words One Sweet Ride on it .

Image 417

Several plates of food containing rice and green vegetables .

Image 418

Giraffe in enclosure reaching for greenery with onlookers nearby .

Image 419

A table full of yellow bananas at a market .

Image 420

some brown and white cows are laying down on a hill

Image 421

Two people are playing with a frisbee and one is holding it with one hand while the other one is blocking him .

Image 422

A large tour bus decorated with Coca-Cola logos .

Image 423

A woman packing a blue suitcase on top of a wooden chair .

Image 424


Image 425

A two way street with a stay to the right sign .

Image 426

A beagle dog plays with a can inside of a bag

Image 427

A man watching a dog get a frisbee while jumping over three kids .

Image 428

An old yellow and blue bus is making its way around town .

Image 429

A picture of a sandwich is displayed behind a counter .

Image 430

A delicious lookign healthy vege pizza in a box

Image 431

A woman holding an umbrella standing next to a wooden building .

Image 432

A man holding a teddy bar while standing in a living room .

Image 433

A show horse , with rider , riding alongside a bunch of spectators .

Image 434

People waiting to get back on the bus from some event .

Image 435

Large amounts of food layed out buffet style and people serving themselves

Image 436


Image 437

two street signs with one pointing towards the right next to a building .

Image 438

A man pouring a drink into a glass while a woman watches across the counter .

Image 439

A stainless steel kitchen has bowls and pots in it .

Image 440

A man wearing headphones while chewing on an ink pen .

Image 441

A French public transport bus moves through traffic .

Image 442

A male , on a sandy beach , holding a surfboard over his head , walking toward the lifeguard .

Image 443

A small round clock on a blue object .

Image 444

Man smiling while eating a giant chocolate doughnut .

Image 445

The motorcycle is parked in a field in front of the tree line .

Image 446

A wine glass is almost empty on a table .

Image 447

A construction zone with signs showing where buses should be diverted .

Image 448

Several grey boxes that are underneath an orange and black case are on the floor inside a square that is taped to the floor .

Image 449

Black and white photo of produce and one yellow banana bunch .

Image 450

Two giraffes walking up a grassy and rocky hill .

Image 451

Two baby cows stand in a field next to an adult cow .

Image 452

A couple of stuffed animals that are by a mirror .

Image 453

A hazy sky and a rolling terrain mark the backdrop of an area with scant vegetation on which stands a giraffe that appears to be nuzzling a second giraffe .

Image 454

a young person playing tennis near a building

Image 455

A close up of the street signs at the cross street of Madison and Main St .

Image 456

A hand is holding a half eaten pastry .

Image 457

A red and beige bus driving past a large tree .

Image 458

Two sheep stand in a field beside a wall .

Image 459

A box filled with cupcakes covered in chocolate .

Image 460

A tourist shop with bikes hanging from the ceiling .

Image 461

Three woman sitting at a table enjoying some drinks .

Image 462

A couple who you can see in the mirror taking a picture of a bathroom

Image 463

A bird is on the bench as the gentleman look on .

Image 464

A metal street pole with illuminated walk image , no parking sign with a tow sign , one way sign , and turning lanes only sign with two curved arrows , with an awning , trees and office buildings behind .

Image 465

Black lamp post with energy efficient bulb and intersection street signage .

Image 466

Small red and white twin engine airplane in flight .

Image 467

A plate full of colorful fruit and vegetables ,

Image 468

A boy is using yellow spray paint on a shower curtain .

Image 469

an image of the top of a church

Image 470

A bunch of broccoli that is on a cutting board .

Image 471

White bowl full of noodles , egg and broccoli .

Image 472

a big train sits parked next to a building

Image 473

The tiled bathroom floor is white and dirty .

Image 474

A duck standing on a bank side by a river .

Image 475

there is a black stove and wood cabinets in this kitchen

Image 476

A French public transport bus moves through traffic .

Image 477


Image 478

A wooden table topped with different types of vegetables .

Image 479

some hands spoons forks and a bowl of food and a cup

Image 480

Two red buses are riding along as people stand on the sidewalk .

Image 481

A black train engine passing by park bench and building .

Image 482

A ship out on the water with another ship in the distance behind it .

Image 483

A man riding a brown horse over an obstacle .

Image 484

A bunch of bananas in a kids hands .

Image 485

The motorcycle is parked near trees on the side of the street .

Image 486

a baby fiddles with a laptop on a bed

Image 487

One sandwich neld by a pair of hands and one resting on a table .

Image 488

a wooden door to a bathroom that is white inside

Image 489

A long bathtub portends a long relaxing soak .

Image 490

an elephant getting a drink of water at the zoo

Image 491

A computer sits on a table with a chain around it .

Image 492

A cross country skier stops for a break beside a hill .

Image 493

Woman handling large object in store aisle area .

Image 494

two giraffes that appear to have their necks wrapped around each other

Image 495

a big sign is illuminated at night by lights

Image 496

person taking selfie of themselves in a public bathroom

Image 497

Pitcher barely throwing ball to be hit by the batter

Image 498

A girl doll next to some teddy bears on a chair .

Image 499

Many towels are placed on a towel rack above the bathtub .

Image 500

A table that has many various food items on it that people are putting on paper plates .

Image 501

a male and female a bicycle and some people in the background

Image 502

a man riding a blue dirt bike jumping in mid air

Image 503

A group of four people playing croquet on a lawn .

Image 504

A person grabbing a slice of pizza at a table .

Image 505

A sign across a wood ramp across a stream .

Image 506

A picture of a hang glider in the air .

Image 507

A black cat laying on a wooden structure and looking over the edge .

Image 508

a large hotdog is in a persons hand

Image 509

A man in yellow shirt standing outside of a brown truck .

Image 510

A man is laying on the floor of a hotel room next to an open suitcase .

Image 511

a woman and a boy in a white shirt and orange tie

Image 512

A dark living room with hanging curtains and a lamp .

Image 513

A packaged key chain that is in the shape of a tiny TV remote

Image 514

a man plugging his ears to block out the sound

Image 515

Foreign street signs are hanging every which way .

Image 516

The small clock is visible on the church tower .

Image 517

The image shows the screen of a cell phone homepage .

Image 518

A closeup of two giraffes looking at the camera

Image 519

A green colored bathroom with white toilets and bath tubs

Image 520

A man carrying a skateboard walked up the steep ramp .

Image 521

a close up of an orange and an apple

Image 522

The city is busy with foot traffic this time of night .

Image 523

One boy in a blue shirt and white pants runs as a boy in white pants and a green shirt holds out a baseball mitt toward him .

Image 524

A wall with a clock next to a mirror and pictures in frames .

Image 525

Large selection of different types of meat sitting in a store display .

Image 526

A boy that is riding a skateboard on the street .

Image 527

A man at the beach looking at a buffett of surfboards .

Image 528

A zebra on grass has it 's head down .

Image 529

A clean and empty looking kitchen with a great tiled floor .

Image 530

Dog running with object in his mouth that he is ripping

Image 531

A cloud in the sky and a building on the side .

Image 532

There are several motorcycles at the side of the road .

Image 533

A plane is landing or taking off from water with a large cargo ship in the background .

Image 534

A city street with a person on the sidewalk

Image 535

a very big red bus parked next to some trees

Image 536

This is an image of a dog on a man 's back .

Image 537

a room with a bed books shelves and an open closet

Image 538

A wooden and metal bench with a mountain view .

Image 539

People sitting down watching a couple dance in front

Image 540

A room that has a table with chairs around it

Image 541

A man with red hair , wearing a vest with a shirt and tie , making a drink at a bar area .

Image 542

Homeless person sleeping on a bench in a brick paved public area .

Image 543

The silhouette of a man with a surfboard is contrasted against the ocean as he walks the shoreline .

Image 544

an image of food on two red plates

Image 545

Tuk tuks and a horse drawn carriage on a foreign street

Image 546

A picture of a dirty nasty bathroom stall .

Image 547

A red and white sign is all scribbled on .

Image 548

There is a half eaten piece of pie on the plate .

Image 549

A brown cow with horns is standing in a field .

Image 550

I street sign that is written in a foreign language .

Image 551

Two giraffes feeding from boxes mounted on a wooden building , with a man watching .

Image 552

Yellow stop lights hanging from a power line .

Image 553

A bed topped with lots of shirts and pants .

Image 554

an equestrian riding a horse on a field

Image 555

A cross-country skier navigating a steep slope in a pine woods .

Image 556

A snowboarder jumps over a hill on a mountain .

Image 557

Cars and a bus making a left hand turn onto a street near an apartment building .

Image 558

A large picture of a man with a mustache and a bird on his shoulder .

Image 559

A large indoor building with large glass sky lights .

Image 560

some cars are driving toward a cloudy sky

Image 561

A large brown cow sitting on grass in front of a tree .

Image 562

Several oranges on a clear glass table with people in the background .

Image 563

A woman in glasses is cleaning a counter top .

Image 564

A woman in a floral dress holds an umbrella and walks by a railing and stone wall .

Image 565

One black cat lays on the floor while another walks into the room .

Image 566

people in a inflatable raft in a river

Image 567

Black and white photograph of man on skateboard holding a guitar .

Image 568

The president eating a hot dog with another man shopped into the image .

Image 569

A white and black motorcycle parked in a parking lot .

Image 570

Short haired blond woman sitting with a small white poodle .

Image 571

Orange semi truck driving on a town roadway .

Image 572

a small girl playing with a toy in her room

Image 573

there is a black and red train passing on the tracks

Image 574

A wooden door is shown on the side of a wooden house .

Image 575

many horses and people on a snowy surface

Image 576

a wooden counter a silver oven a glass and a microwave

Image 577

A blue and black motorcycle is parked on a street .

Image 578

The mom is trying to brush the young baby 's teeth .

Image 579

there is a stop sign and a rainbow above it

Image 580

The birthday cake is decorated with the letter E with sprinkles .

Image 581

There is a birthday cake with a fondant train that has Toon Sik spelled out on the counter .

Image 582

A bunch of luggage sitting on a car , traveling down the road .

Image 583

A woman and two men working on Apple laptops at a meeting .

Image 584

Two zebras graze on a brown patch of grass and dirt .

Image 585

a girl is turned around on a wood bench

Image 586

Teenagers are at a skateboarding park at the top of the bowl .

Image 587

a cake in the shape of a train with a number two candle

Image 588

Bananas are on display at a banana stand .

Image 589

People talk in an office with many pictures on the wall .

Image 590

Two giraffes out in the field share a moment of affection .

Image 591

Man standing up to bat with a catcher behind him .

Image 592

a workstation with a computer , a monitor , and a keyboard .

Image 593

A brown leather chair with a book sitting on it 's arm .

Image 594

A person cutting out pictures with a pair of scissors .

Image 595

The girl likes to play kickball in her skirt .

Image 596

A young woman brushes her long black hair .

Image 597

A cross country skiier following a path in the forest .

Image 598

A view of a couple pieces of broccoli on a plate .

Image 599

A decorative cabinet holds a microwave and small refrigerator .

Image 600

A cop car parked next to a fire hydrant with a hose sticking out of it .

Image 601

A German shepherd laying on the ground with a frisbee between its paws

Image 602

Three people standing in a room next to a door .

Image 603

A girl waiting for the tennis ball to come back to her .

Image 604

a group of zebras standing and playing on a dirt plain .

Image 605

A lady and a baby at a pizza parlor during the day .

Image 606

A bunch of yellow flowers next to a white fence

Image 607

a big city that is next to a big lake

Image 608

A teenager is riding a snowboard down the street while another walks with him .

Image 609

Baby elephant pushing log within enclosure for people to view .

Image 610

a bed in a room with brown tiles and two lights and a small cabinet

Image 611

A streetsign and stop light with an advertisement on a building neaby .

Image 612

Two silver and black parking meters next to a street .

Image 613

a beach with people sitting around an umbrella

Image 614

A cat standing in front of a round mirror .

Image 615

A young couple laugh openly as he enjoys his Corona .

Image 616

A hamburger dressed with fixings on a toasted bun .

Image 617

People in suits are watching a program on television .

Image 618

a blue and white plane taking off for flight

Image 619

Two elephants that are looking at something together .

Image 620

there is a structure that has four clocks around it

Image 621

a black and white picture of a golden retriever laying on the leg of its owner .

Image 622

Two decorated horses are connected to a buggy .

Image 623

People standing in the dirt of a small village .

Image 624

A toilet is positioned beside a mirror to give a guest like appearance .

Image 625

Man with a bucket pulling bulls across a road .

Image 626

Three men snowboarding down slope with trees in the background .

Image 627

A tugboat is full of passengers and floating across water on a cloudy day .

Image 628

A picture of food with a cartoon character superimposed on it

Image 629

A mix of colorful vegetables is shown here .

Image 630

A man standing in front of a red curtain wearing a shirt , slacks and tie .

Image 631

A man stands beside an impressive restore vintage truck .

Image 632

A small white boat on the water by a dock .

Image 633

A vintage photograph of people sitting on a bench in front of some buildings .

Image 634

There are some fresh greens on top of a pizza

Image 635

there is a male skateboarder that is riding next to a bridge

Image 636

Kitchen in run down house with fridge opposite sink and bathroom in far side .

Image 637

a giraffe holding its head over a fence and eating food from a persons hand .

Image 638

Very rustic toilet and wash basin with wooden floor .

Image 639

Birds in sand , some of them standing and some sitting .

Image 640

A brown bear is engrossed with something on the ground .

Image 641

a sign for a barber shop with some scissors

Image 642

A skate boarder reaches the edge of the ramp .

Image 643

A pie filled with white creme next to a yellow banana .

Image 644

A lot of teenagers are skateboarding on the street .

Image 645

A scoop of ice cream is topped with strawberry puree .

Image 646

Luggage is shown sitting in the snow and trash .

Image 647

The exterior of a theatre building with a clock .

Image 648

A black table with fruits and vegetables on it next to a yellow wall .

Image 649

A dog sits at the bow of a small boat in a canal .

Image 650

A person trying to fly an orange kite

Image 651

Red wine is poured in to a glass .

Image 652


Image 653

A large adorable dog with hair that looks like a mop

Image 654

A restaurant with counters and tables is shown .

Image 655

A man walking two dogs in a large snowy area .

Image 656

A living room with sleek furniture and tv on the wall .

Image 657

a bicycle sitting next to a park bench

Image 658

The interior of a restaurant with some people inside .

Image 659

The man hits the ball with the bat as the other man watches .

Image 660

a man standing by a bike on a street corner

Image 661

The glass door to a shower is open in a bathroom .

Image 662

Baby having its teeth brush with a tooth brush .

Image 663

An adult zebra walking and looking in the high tundra grass .

Image 664

The blue teddy sits on the shelf next to the photo .

Image 665

Empty road in the middle of a dry country panorama .

Image 666

Close up of a chocolate cake decorated with white powdered sugar .

Image 667

Looking up at the long neck and head of a giraffe

Image 668

A miniature highway scene has small trucks and cars .

Image 669

A dog appears to be reading a book with a full bookshelf behind him .

Image 670

Chicken is shown in the middle of a sandwich that also contains lettuce and bread .

Image 671

A horse in the woods while it 's snowing .

Image 672

several people observing two giraffes in a pen

Image 673

Two people riding a elephant down a path .

Image 674

A man is snowboarding and has jumped high in the sky .

Image 675

A brown bear is engrossed with something on the ground .

Image 676

A plate with the food arranged into the shape of a face

Image 677

Black and white photograph of two elephants and people .

Image 678

A wooden television stand in a living space .

Image 679

Two pizzas being cooked on a stove top .

Image 680

A white vehicle pulled up at the curb on a street .

Image 681

A row a colorful teddy bears hang inside a tent .

Image 682

These sheep are relaxing on a grassy hill

Image 683

He is very serious while hitting the ball with the racket .

Image 684

There are people on an outside platform waiting for the approaching train .

Image 685

People on snow skis are by a wooden building .

Image 686

Male tennis player behind line with backhand stancce .

Image 687

Black cat sitting on window ledge looking outside .

Image 688

a man is taking a bbite out of some food

Image 689

this is a hamburger with cheese on it

Image 690

a horse tethered to a carriage near a building

Image 691

Kitchen of a modern home sporting a white finish .

Image 692

A sidewalk next to a cafe and bar

Image 693

A wooden table with a rug on it and books open .

Image 694

A group of young people putting together a kite .

Image 695

A red vase filled with yellow flowers sitting in front of a window .

Image 696

A carriage with two people on it being drawn by two brown horses .

Image 697

A person takes a photo of themselves in the bathroom .

Image 698

a giraffe is off running in a field

Image 699

Man with umbrella silhouetted by sunset while standing at pier .

Image 700

A large crowd of people are by a yellow sign .

Image 701

A polar bear can be seen in the water

Image 702

A man holding a red object below his hands .

Image 703

A toddler stands next to an adult on skis .

Image 704

A teddy bear dressed in a Star Trek shirt sitting in front of a computer screen .

Image 705

A young man taking a swing at a ball

Image 706

Three black and white photos are on the small bathroom wall .

Image 707

A man in a yellow jacket taking a photograph on a snowboard .

Image 708

Fresh carrots are sitting in a woven basket .

Image 709

The little girl is enjoying her messy snack .

Image 710

A hand that is holding a sandwich that is half eaten .

Image 711

A plant coming up from the inside of a square pipe

Image 712

A grey and white cat laying on a bed with a television in the background .

Image 713

A group of zebras and a water buffalo in a grassy area .

Image 714

Ground meat is being poured from a pan onto the pizza .

Image 715

A black fire hydrant with a utility cone next to it .

Image 716

A large commercial airplane is flying the friendly skies .

Image 717

motor bikes being riden around a corner hard

Image 718

A colorful plate filled with root vegetables and a fork .

Image 719

A man holding a hair dryer behind a woman who is laughing .

Image 720

A group of people in a snow covered valley at the base of a mountain .

Image 721

A white kitchen with bottles and pots on the counter

Image 722

A man who is feeding some giraffes out of his hands .

Image 723


Image 724

A man on the sandy beach catching a Frisbee .

Image 725

A cat posing for a picture with a can drink and remote control .

Image 726

A young boy is spitting into a toilet .

Image 727

A great of people skiing near the mountains .

Image 728

Three people are walking in skis up the side of a mountain .

Image 729

A woman stands in front of a neon yellow motorcycle to collect donations for the blood bank .

Image 730

a few kids in a street alley eating

Image 731

A small girl seated on a wooden bench in front of a fence .

Image 732

A bunch of people at tables with blue umbrellas .

Image 733

A picture of a desk top computer on a desk .

Image 734

Small boat tied down on a small makeshift dock .

Image 735

A couple of men laying on top of surfboards on top of a wave in the ocean .

Image 736

Two giraffes standing over a sun shielding shelter .

Image 737

some gray green red blue and white airplanes

Image 738

Baby elephant pushing log within enclosure for people to view .

Image 739

A sound board with lots of monitors around it .

Image 740

a bunch of cars with people around them

Image 741

a woman wearing a yellow dress is fixing a tray of food

Image 742


Image 743

A bear of some sort out in the wild .

Image 744

Two giraffes eating in their enclosure with a city skyline in background .

Image 745

The shadow reflection of bicycle handlebars on a wall .

Image 746

A giraffe leaning it 's long neck over the fence to eat leaves off a bush .

Image 747

cart with people getting pulled by horse down a street

Image 748

Two women sit on a bench while one holds a small child .

Image 749

a boy holding onto the string of a kite in the sand

Image 750

A little league game is being played on the dirt .

Image 751

A bed is shown with multi colored bedding .

Image 752

A stew pot holding carrots , celery , and squash .

Image 753

A kitchen with a high vaulted ceiling filled with appliances .

Image 754

A colorful stew with a spoon inside of a white bowl .

Image 755

A man parasailing on the water with a city in the background .

Image 756

A very nice looking kitchen with some pretty cabinets .

Image 757

A couple of rows of motor scooters parked in a lot .

Image 758

a nice looking piano with sheet music on it

Image 759

a woman takes a picture of another woman in the kitchen

Image 760

A set of nostalgic dishes hang is a display shelf and sit on a table .

Image 761

Two mountain goats running up a steep grassy hill .

Image 762

A noodle dish with broccoli and meat is in a wok with chopsticks .

Image 763

A clean and sterile bathroom with two sinks .

Image 764

A pile of veggies next to meat covered in gravy .

Image 765

Antique black and white photo of a woman hitting a baseball

Image 766

A sink area has a large round mirror and a small round mirror in it .

Image 767

a man that is throwing some kind of baseball

Image 768

Six motorcycles parked in a line on some rocks .

Image 769

A boy is tipping his skateboard up with his feet as he holds his hands out .

Image 770

a young boy skateboarding inside a fenced area

Image 771

It 's not just any tour bus , it 's a Queilen tour bus .

Image 772

Two cows laying down on a dirt patch near a fence .

Image 773

A person walking by a train looking inside the window .

Image 774

Two different toppings on pizzas on a wood table

Image 775

A banana and a half are placed on top of a walnut bowl .

Image 776

Several elephants are standing in an open field with a cloudy sky .

Image 777

A red suitcase with handle rests by a door .

Image 778

A bird perched on top of a roof made out of wooden boards .

Image 779

a surfer in a wet suit is surfing on a sunny day

Image 780

Someone has created a small dock with just a few pieces of wood .

Image 781

Cats sleeping on a quilted bed in a room .

Image 782

A pizza on a wooden platter waiting to be served .

Image 783

Cross country skier trekking up a large mountain .

Image 784

A man standing with his thumbs in his pockets in front of a door .

Image 785

Could this tennis player look any more serious ?

Image 786

Two traffic lights hang front a power line .

Image 787

A basket of whole carrots and a bowl of slice carrots .

Image 788

a gray parking meter with a red and white time expired sign

Image 789

Two people making pizzas at a street fair .

Image 790

The man holding a wine glass makes a shocked face .

Image 791

An outdoor setup of a model train with landscaping .

Image 792

A white toilet in a bathroom next to a TP dispenser .

Image 793

A half dozen doughnuts on parchment paper on a table .

Image 794

Dog with two collars around his neck outdoors looking on

Image 795

A woman with an umbrella watches the clouds .

Image 796

A mini bench made from blocks in front of a bench

Image 797

A French public transport bus moves through traffic .

Image 798

A cell phone a bluetooth , and another electronic device on a table

Image 799

A tennis player going after the ball with a backhand shot

Image 800

A person leaning over a small wooden table with stuff .

Image 801

An apple sitting on a desk next to an orange .

Image 802

A banquet hall with three large wooden tables below chandelier .

Image 803

A man is walking down the path next to train tracks .

Image 804

A park with trees , water and a bench is getting dark .

Image 805

A couple of women embracing each other on a bed .

Image 806

The player hold his raquet in stance as he hits the tennis ball .

Image 807

A sidewalk cafe with two tables under brown umbrellas .

Image 808

A fresh cheese and basil pizza on a white plate

Image 809

The computers are lined up on the oriental rug .

Image 810

A view of a piece of cake with a fork in it .

Image 811

Each of the three teens are hauling a different snow toy for an afternoon of fun on the slopes .

Image 812

a man is using a banana as a smiling mouth

Image 813

A large pink bag with a laptop on a chair .

Image 814

A spoon that is in a cup on the table .

Image 815

Groups of big heart shaped cookies hanging from above .

Image 816

A red fire hydrant next to some tall grass and a metal post .

Image 817

A man talking to a passenger in an old red pickup truck .

Image 818

A man and a woman are standing next to each other brushing their teeth .

Image 819

A man standing on top of a lush green baseball field .

Image 820

A tennis player getting ready to swing his racket .

Image 821

A toilet is in a bathroom with blue walls .

Image 822

Two surfboards are stuck in the ground and held up by surfers .

Image 823

a dog that has a stuffed animal in his mouth

Image 824

A woman with her suitcase walking by a train .

Image 825

A woman and a girl enjoying something on a laptop .

Image 826

A dark gray clouded sky with an airplane flying in the sky and ascending .

Image 827

a tall building stands far above the city line

Image 828

A grandma plays a game on the Wii with her family .

Image 829

A polar bear with his head on his right paw is lying down on a rocky surface .

Image 830

a man with a bagel sandwich in his mouth is holding a plate

Image 831

A very well lit room with complete furnishing

Image 832

A surfboarder riding a wave in the ocean

Image 833

People and trucks make their way down a city street .

Image 834

A young man and woman eat at a table while a server looks on from behind a buffet table .

Image 835

Three oranges are on a black marble table .

Image 836

little boy lying on surf board out in the water

Image 837

A person in red shirts riding a bike that is pulling a cart for someone to ride in .

Image 838

The girl is stretching to reach the tennis ball with her racket .

Image 839

The President fixing the tie of one of two men he is with .

Image 840

A woman that is holding a coffee cup .

Image 841

A dim living room has an open window .

Image 842

A black and white bird sitting on a branch .

Image 843

Cows under cover and in the open in pens .

Image 844

A boy walks his bike through green grass in front of a house .

Image 845

She is going to nail that tennis ball .

Image 846

Two men riding horses in the shadow of an ice capped mountain .

Image 847

A view of what looks like an office kitchen .

Image 848

A dish that includes broccoli has a wooden fork in it .

Image 849

The bird sits on a wire above tree fruit .

Image 850

two zebras in the tall grass , and one looking at the camera

Image 851

A traffic light and no left turn sign at night .

Image 852

A tattooed person is holding a graffiti skateboard .

Image 853

A cat sits underneath a red umbrella on the floor .

Image 854

Adding capers to onions and tomatoes in a food processor .

Image 855

Many different types of toy trucks next to each other .

Image 856

Baseball scene , batter completing swing with fans in background .

Image 857

A little boy wearing a glove chasing another little boy playing baseball .

Image 858

A man throws a ball to another man in the foreground who is ready to bat .

Image 859

A kitchen scene with flowers and a candle .

Image 860


Image 861

A person that is about to blow out some candles .

Image 862

Two giraffes share a meal at a wildlife preserve .

Image 863

Woman showcasing a free form oven baked pizza .

Image 864

A small giraffe with its face resting on a rock .

Image 865

Some smaller elephants walking along with their herd .

Image 866

A traffic light with a shamrock instead of the usual green light .

Image 867

A hand is reaching towards a remote that is resting alone on a tabletop .

Image 868

A plate has shredded meat and vegetables on it .

Image 869

Three people stand in the street using their cell phones .

Image 870

Two grown brown and white cows leaning against each other

Image 871

The small , single engine airplane has a propeller on the front of it .

Image 872

A scene containing three people , a dog , and a bicycle .

Image 873

The faces of two sheep who stand in a larger crowd of sheep .

Image 874

a white parasol umbrella and suitcase near a fence surrounded by plants in front of some trees

Image 875

A woman sitting and eating something out of a bowl .

Image 876

People walking and riding skateboards down a sidewalk .

Image 877

A jet sits on display in during an air show .

Image 878

A vanilla cupcake with a sheep decorated on the top of it

Image 879

A large piece of pottery sits on a stand .

Image 880

The cake had a small orange on the top for decoration .

Image 881

A man riding a horse attempting to wrangle a calf with a rope .

Image 882

A mini bench made from blocks in front of a bench

Image 883

That hit could be a home run for the player at bat .

Image 884

A red fire hydrant in a raised cement thing

Image 885

A person is holding a purple bear with no eyes against a yellow back ground .

Image 886

A safari tour view of a giraffe at an amusement park .

Image 887

Three red and white airplanes in formation with sky in background .

Image 888

Woman playing on a television at a local store .

Image 889

A cat sitting on a log in the middle of a wood

Image 890

two girls running for a ball on a field

Image 891

Part of a bathroom area showing a sink and shelves .

Image 892

A wooden door opened to a bathroom toilet .

Image 893

A smiling business man driving in his car

Image 894

Black and white photo of a young man skateboarding on the sidewalk .

Image 895

A pile of Nintendo Wii game controllers sitting on a hard wood floor .

Image 896

A red and white boat floating on top of water .

Image 897

Child sitting in the grass with a frisbee over its face , and other people in the background .

Image 898

A man that is standing in a room against the wall .

Image 899

People playing in the surf while some kites are flown overhead .

Image 900

A lounge set near umbrella on a beach .

Image 901

An Asian dish of chicken with mixed vegetables .

Image 902

Zebras are using each other for a resting assist .

Image 903

While a couple are riding horses one horse tucks his head town .

Image 904

The batter skillfully hits the ball with strength .

Image 905

We see a close up of apples and oranges .

Image 906

A green plate with a piece of meat on top of it next to veggies and a loaded baked potato .

Image 907

Spectacular different balloons raid the friendly skies with a wonderful display .

Image 908

A couple of women with a suitcase on the road .

Image 909

A farm area with a young girl on a horse and saddle with a person walking next to the horse .

Image 910

Two brown dogs lying on a bed with a maroon and green cover .

Image 911

A man belly surfs a small ocean wave .

Image 912

a man on ski 's is going up hill near a mountain

Image 913

A group of flamingos gather in the shallow water .

Image 914

A man and woman are standing beside the sign .

Image 915

A rock sits on top of a plant .

Image 916

People are walking in a street near two buildings .

Image 917

there is a man wearing a red and white uniform that is at bat

Image 918

Upclose view of a remote pointing at a blurry tv

Image 919

Broccoli and a deep fried food lay on a black and white plate .

Image 920

A skier in mid-air leap with his body almost parallel to the ground .

Image 921


Image 922

a young person standing on a side walk wearing a business sign

Image 923

A man pulling out food from a pizza oven stove .

Image 924

a street full of people going about their business .

Image 925

He is riding on a skateboard in the rain .

Image 926

A person in a red jacket skis down the mountain

Image 927

A skull cup sitting on top of a bathroom sink .

Image 928

People young and old play in a river .

Image 929

a couple of hotdogs are in a tray

Image 930

A man looks with surprise as he holds a device .

Image 931

The yellow and blue fire plug is on the sidewalk beside access to underground utilities .

Image 932

Several people walking around horses in a wooded area .

Image 933

A cat using a womans purse as a pillow

Image 934

The scissors lie next to the cut scraps of paper .

Image 935

A bedroom scene with two small teddy bear sitting on the bed .

Image 936

there is a male surfer walking out of the ocean

Image 937

A boy on a skateboard balancing himself on a tall railing .

Image 938

A couple of white baby sheep walking across a field .

Image 939

There is a desk with a lot of items on it .

Image 940

The occupants of this home are avid book readers .

Image 941

There are four jets flying together in formation

Image 942

A crowd of people is watching a man throw a disk .

Image 943

an open pizza box on a table near a bottle

Image 944

A no left turn sign , a fire hydrant , a walk sign and a traffic light are at a corner .

Image 945

Two skiers in a race racing on a course while onlookers watch .

Image 946

a tennis player wearing black shorts and blue shirt swinging at the ball

Image 947

Two elephants in a field putting their heads together .

Image 948

A man holding a bike and smiling for the camera .

Image 949

A plate of desserts stacked on top of each other .

Image 950

A bathroom with blue tile and white fixtures

Image 951

The underbelly of a plane flying in the sky .

Image 952

A small bird sitting in a metal cage in a room .

Image 953

A srfer perches on his board precariously as he hits a big wave .

Image 954

A table contains scissors , red ribbon , a hat box and white paper with hearts cut out .

Image 955

the brown cat lays in side of the enclosure as the person reaches in to pet it .

Image 956

A woman walking past a store holding an umbrella .

Image 957

The guy shows the lady how to use the control .

Image 958

Train cars marked with graffiti passing through a rural area .

Image 959

A black and white view of a woman sitting on a fold out chair at a beach with a surfboard beside her ,

Image 960

Two elephants in the grass standing near one another .

Image 961

A little boy is getting his hair cut at the hair dresser

Image 962

Three zebras grazing over a wooden ledge facing trees .

Image 963

A man in red shirt on skateboard next to a river .

Image 964

A photo of the plains with several elephants in the background .

Image 965

A blue double-decker bus sits next to a smaller bus .

Image 966

A railroad crossing has a red traffic light near it with cars and trucks driving by .

Image 967

Elephants walk somberly across the hard surface .

Image 968

A woman in business attire standing in front of a wall .

Image 969

A picture of an airplane loading passengers and parked .

Image 970

A person along the river flying a kite on a partly cloudy day .

Image 971

A picture of a small garden with writing on the image .

Image 972

A man that is standing up holding a surfboard .

Image 973

A black and white photo of a broken bridge .

Image 974

A cat investigates a trash can for food .

Image 975

A man with skies sits on a bench .

Image 976

A woman takes a big bite into a pastry with bacon on top .

Image 977

A bird in a white , wired cage next to a cat .

Image 978

A man riding a blue bike on top of a beach .

Image 979

A church with a green dome and a cross on the top .

Image 980

A baseball player in red and white stands on one led on a mound as a man in white holds a bat .

Image 981

An old model truck parked in a parking lot .

Image 982

A young man uses his skateboard to go down the steps .

Image 983

A hand in white plastic glove holding a toothbrush .

Image 984

A group of women work at a table cluttered with laptops and papers .

Image 985

a blue and white bus some signs and buildings

Image 986

Man resting after a long day with his feet up on his luggage .

Image 987

A cooked egg and some fried doughnuts are on a plate .

Image 988

A grilled beef , onion and mushroom burger with a onion bun on top of a blue and white plate .

Image 989

A very big long room with many bright windows .

Image 990

Two giraffe in the wilderness eating the top of a bush .

Image 991

a number of cars stuck in slow traffic

Image 992

Painting of a `` futuristic '' bathroom with tile floor

Image 993

A group of people walking across a bridge near a hillside .

Image 994

a white bed with spots on it in a room

Image 995

A surfboard resting on a lawn in a back yard

Image 996

some girls are in a kitchen and one is doing dishes

Image 997

A couple of zebra grazing on top of a grass covered field .

Image 998

A cat is looking at a bathtub in a bathroom with a toilet .

Image 999

A white egret is standing in shallow water in front of rocks

Image 1000

People in a green park in front of tall buildings .