Show, Attend and Tell: Neural Image Caption Generation with Visual Attention
Kelvin Xu, Jimmy Ba, Ryan Kiros, Kyunghyun Cho, Aaron Courville, Ruslan Salakhutdinov, Richard Zemel, Yoshua Bengio. ICML, 2015.

Image Attention

A bunch of bananas hanging from a wall .
A mural is being painted on a wall .

A red and white sign with a blue sky in the background .
A blue kite has pattens printed on it

A red and white photo of a red light .
a tooth brush inside of a blurred picture

A large bird is sitting in the middle of a garden .
A large pot of flowers and a view of a cemetery .

A close up of a red bow tie on a white plate .
A patterned piece of red cloth wrapped with red thread .

A sign that is on top of a pole .
there are three signs that are hanging from the ceiling

A group of blue and white scissors in a field .
there are two different umbrellas in different colors

A bunch of different colored signs on a wall .
Pictures with various shades of green are arranged in a grid pattern .

A bunch of scissors and a pair of scissors .
Baseball bats converted to colorful pieces of art .

A picture of a yellow and black cat on a wall .
A crosswalk signal with a lighted red figure .

A black and white photo of a horse in a field .
A dark silhouette of an individual holding a round object in the air .

A pile of paper and scissors on a stone wall .
Overhead shot of a gray-haired man working on a piece of art .

A bench sitting next to a yellow fire hydrant ..
A row of green chairs and a trash can against the side of a building .

A cake with a piece of cake on it .
A cake with a large piece cut out of it

A bunch of different colored umbrellas on a table .
A collaboration of colorful pictures with orange and blue and green

A group of birds sitting on top of a tree .
Airplane contrails viewed through the branches of a tree .

A bunch of colorful colored ??? are hanging on a wall .
A wall with different types of decorations of art pieces .

A sign with graffiti on the side of a wall .
Several photos and drawings hang on a wall .

A black and white photo of a black horse .
A person 's shadow showing a racket in their hand .

A kite flying in the sky with a blue sky .
A multicolored kite with string flying in the sky .

A picture of a bathroom with a white wall .
A picture on the wall of a baby .

A large vase with a bunch of flowers on it .
Various colored fabrics hung out on a clothesline .

A black and white photo of a clock on a wall .
The poster has the picture of a man with words around it .

A red and white fire hydrant on a beach .
A fie hydrant is painted green on top , white in the middle , and red on the bottom .

A group of white and black scissors on a table .
An airborne pair of scissors glides either toward or away from an outstretched hand .

A large body of water with a large bird on it .
An outdoor bed with a view of the river in the distance .

A clock on a wall with a large building .
Overhead shot of a gray-haired man working on a piece of art .

A pair of scissors are hanging on a wall .
This is the view of two men 's urinals on a pink wall .

A large metal pan with a bunch of scissors on it .
A close up of a zebra pattern that is black and white .

A view of a window with a window in the background .
Upside down picture of a building surrounded by birds .

A bunch of different colored umbrellas on a wall .
A wall with different types of decorations of art pieces .

A pair of scissors that are on a blue surface .
A yellow Frisbee and a pair of black sandals lie in the sand

A picture of a wall with a clock on the side .
Closeup of the corner design of an aluminum carrying case .

A picture of a ??? and a blue and white sign .
A series of photographs with an orange and turquoise theme

A group of people standing on a wall .
Colorful pieces of art are displayed along a stucco wall .

A pair of scissors with a ??? on it .
A collage with several artistic pictures on it .

A person is flying a kite in the blue sky .
a composite timelapse shot of a snowboarder in the air

A flock of birds flying over a blue sky .
A blue sky filled with lots of clouds and kites .