Hi! I'm Christina Chung.
I am a senior computer science student at the University of Toronto. My research interests lie in human-computer interaction (HCI), particularly in online behaviour, social relationships, and how internet use impacts our psychological well-being.

Outside of school, I like to draw. I work with a variety of mediums — pencil, pen, watercolors, digital; and have a penchant for cute blob creatures and anime characters. I also have an unhealthy habit of binge-watching YouTube videos.
Human-computation Games
N-way matching is the process of combining multiple software models into one. The problem has pratical importance in software engineering, yet computing it's optimal solution is NP-hard. Along with a team of undergraduates at UofT, I developed Matchmakers, a game that empowers the crowd to solve n-way matching.
Virtual Embodiment
How do the characteristics of one's avatar hands impact the sense of embodiment in virtual reality? I conducted a study to explore this question.
Color Analysis in 19th Century English Novels
This project approaches the study of literature from a computational standpoint. With a team of undergraduates, I sought to answer questions pertaining to how color terms are used in literature. For instance, how has color term use changed over time? And further, in what contexts are particular colors used (i.e., are simple contexts associated with simpler colors, and vice versa)?
Target Selection in Virtual Reality
I conducted a study to investigate how various properties of interfaces (such as, the size of the target, the distance one's hand must travel, etc.) would impact the user's ability to select targets in virtual reality.

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