Rebecca (Dreezer) Friedman

Software Engineer. Web Designer. Artist.

About Me

I'm a Development Manager at Shopify on the Custom Storefronts team. I work on the Storefront API, a public unauthenticated GraphQL API, as well as SDKs that are built on top of it.

Before Shopify, I worked at Zynga as a Senior Software Developer. I worked both as a backend developer on Words With Friends, and as a data engineer building ETLs (and other pipelines) that transform and aggregate huge amounts of User Acquisition data. Before that, I worked at Uken Games as a full stack developer. I have a Bachelor's degree in (Software) Engineering from McMaster University, with a specialization in game design, and a Master's degree in Applied Computing from the University of Toronto.

I'm passionate about mentorship! I am a frequent visitor to University of Toronto, where I occasionally guest lecture, participate in interview workshops, and provide career advice.

In an Android Development workshop at Shopify

Repping Zynga at the University of Waterloo Partners for Employment Job Fair

Repping Uken Games at the MaRS Discovery Startup Career Expo

University of Toronto Love

2016 Arbor Awards

In September 2016, I was honoured (and so grateful) to receive an Arbor Award from the University of Toronto in recognition of my volunteer service to the Department of Computer Science.

Learn more about the Arbor Awards: here.

DCS Alumni-Student Mentorship

Read about my mentor Julie and I on page 24 of the University of Toronto, Faculty of Arts & Science, 2013 Year In Review.

2018-2019 - Mentor for one undergraduate student.
2016-2017 - Mentor for one female undergraduate students.
2015-2016 - Mentor for two undergraduate students.
2014-2015 - Mentor for two undergraduate students.
2013-2014 - Mentor for a female third-year undergraduate student.
2011-2012 - Mentee.

Digital Flipbook

Flipbook is an interdisciplinary research project that digitizes the flipbooking experience. The video on the left shows my progress as I created a short animation. The video in the middle gives a brief introduction to the design and features of FlipBook. The video on the right shows an animation made by another graduate student.


EYEdentify is an interdisciplinary research project geared towards helping children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) learn four key human emotions. The native Android app is a matching game where children match the cued emotion to the possibilities presented on the screen.

Undergraduate Projects

A report that uses a content-based approach to explore how women are portrayed in video games, as well as how their portrayal has changed over time.

Super Cephalopods 64 is a 3D co-op multiplayer underwater platform game developed by a small group for a Capstone course.

My research website from the Canadian Distributed Mentorship Program (CDMP-CRA).


Website Development

Development of a Legal Website

Design and Development of a Microsite for a startup