User information from flaps for MScAC students

Welcome to the University of Toronto Department of Computer Science. I (Alan Rosenthal) am the "point of contact" sysadmin for the MScAC programme. Please feel free to ask me questions about any matters relating to your use of research computing resources in this department.

We recommend that you bring a laptop. Please keep it up to date on security patches so as to avoid security incidents. Please ask if you'd like any assistance with or advice about this, or anything else about the configuration of your computer.

Various accessories are available for use with your laptop computer. In general, please let me know what you need and I'll see if I can get it for you.

I've written a page about available and recommended software.

Please read your CSLab e-mail, either at CSLab or by forwarding it to somewhere you do read.
You have several different computer accounts at the University, but your CSLab account is the most important.

How to set up your laptop to print on the printer in BA 3228 or BA 7252

Network storage available to you for backups (doing backups is important!)

You can publish web pages from your CSLab account.

CSLab support web pages