Research Computing Support
Artificial Intelligence Group
University of Toronto

I am the point of contact (POC) for all computing needs for the AI group.  CSLab maintains computing infrastructure, such as file servers, email and web servers, etc.  I provide support for all other computing needs for the AI group. This includes research, purchase, assembly, installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting servers, desktops, laptops, networking, and any other computing related equipment or software. 
This is the list of machines that I manage and were alive as of 5AM this morning.

AI Computing

  • Register your laptop/PC on the RED network
  • Running jobs on the Machine Learning servers
  • 2015 AI Computing Info Mini Handout
  • CL Group Servers
  • KR Group Servers
  • Machine Learning Group Servers
  • Vision Group Servers

    Current contact information for Relu:

    Office: Pratt 396C
    Phone: (416) 946-8487
    Email: pocai [at]
    Mailing address:

    Documentation about research computing in our department:

    Maintainer: Relu Patrascu pocai [at]
    Last update: May 25, 2017