CSC407F - Software Architecture & Design


December 22, 2000
I posted a new term marks list that corrects a few errors and takes into account some late-breaking re-marks. As well, I made a technical error in posting the first marks list that resulted in incorrect posted marks for re-marked assignments. This has been corrected.
December 20, 2000

The term marks have now been posted. Please follow this link. Ensure that all your terms marks have been correctly recorded. If there are any errors, send me e-mail and drop off your assignment in the CSC407 drop box. My apologies in advance in case there are any. You may pick up your assignments from the CSSU in the engineering annex.

Happy holidays, all. It was a pleasure teaching you. Please feel free to drop by my office anytime.

~Dave Penny
November 30, 2000
Seeing as how it's the end of the year, and you are all quite busy, I've decided to drop the late penalties for ass #4. Your last chance to get them to me will be Friday, December 8, in the drop box, by 7:00 p.m. Any later than that and they won't be accepted.
November 23, 2000
I've posted a sketch solution for assignment 2/3. Please see below.
November 13, 2000
Having had many requests for extensions, I have decided to institute a more lax late policy for assignment 2/3.
The new late policy for this assignment is therefore as follows:
Due: Wednesday by 5pm (as before)
In by 5pm Thursday: -10%
In by 5pm Friday: -15%
In by 5pm Monday: -25%
After that: not accepted
November 10, 2000
I've added another finance xml file for you to play with. This one contains a wider variety of stuff. It parses ok using the dtd, but I can't be sure it works 100% - some tinkering may be required (or not).
October 25, 2000
Really fixed the XML DTD for the assignment. It is now entirely valid.
October 24, 2000
Fixed the XML DTD for the assignment. Added some more details under the heading File Format in the assignment 2 details.
October 23, 2000
Details have been posted for assignment 2/3. They give you valuation methods (written in Java), describe an XML file format (complete with document type definitions), and explain the meanings of the various attributes. Go wild.
October 19, 2000
We took a vote in class, and it was unanimously decided to change the term marking scheme in such a way that assignments 2 and 3 would be combined into one. Thus the new assignment 2 is worth 30% of your final mark, and is due when the old assignment #3 was originally due. I did this because I felt you were all working too hard! The assignment is posted below.
October 13, 2000
I wrote a little thing to help clarify what was in my mind when I suggested the algorithms. Don't worry about this too much. The important thing is the design, not the quality of the page breaking algorithms.
October 6, 2000
Assignment #1 lecture slides posted (see below).
October 3, 2000
Assignment #1 has been posted. Good luck.
September 13, 2000
Welcome to csc407f. Tutorials start Wednesday, September 20, in the same room as the lectures (LM162). Your TA, Ken, will hand out your accounts then.