CSC 310 - Information Theory

Fall 2009


Important dates
Assignment reports - Collaboration policy


  • First class: Wednesday, September 9
  • Drop deadline: Tuesday, November 3
  • Test 1: Friday, September 18 (in tutorial)
  • Test 2: Friday, October 30 (in tutorial)
  • Test 3: Friday, December 4 (in tutorial)
  • Assignment 1 due: Wednesday, October 28, (at 10am)
  • Assignment 2 due: Wednesday, December 2, (at 10am)
  • Last class: Wednesday, December 2
  • Final exam: Friday, December 12


    The final grade is calculated as follows:
  • Assignments (25%): 2 assignments 12.5% each
  • Tests and Final (75%): 4 tests (including final) equally weighted (see below of how to consider the best 3 test-grades)
    • Each of the three tests lasts for one hour. The final exam is 3-4 hour long. Each of the three tests and the final exam worth 18.75% (although the final lasts longer still takes the same percentage).
    • You need at least 40/100 in the final exam to pass the course.
    • Unless there is an absolutely demanding reason, no scaling is applicable. The only way to improve your grade (some form of implicit scaling) is to consider the following options.
    • Here is how you can improve your grade:
      • If in each of the four tests (this includes the final) your grade is greater than or equal to 50/100, then only the best three count for your final mark (i.e. instead of 4 equally weighted tests, I will consider equally the best 3 for a total of 70% of your grade).
      • If you pass in parts of your assignment (at designated dates) before the deadline then you receive bonus as indicated on the problem-sets.
      • By typesetting your assignments in LaTeX you receive an extra 10% to your assignment grade.
    • Your final grade is amenable to change, conforming to departmental requirements.


    • The assignments should be done individually by each student. You are not only allowed but also encouraged to form study groups. Your assignment report must be prepared solely by you.

    • Every assignment comes with a cover page. In order for your work to be graded please mention every person you collaborated with or write "Collaborators: none". Fill-in every field and sign the cover page in the designated area.

    • No late assignments accepted. If there is an acceptable and well-documented reason contact the instructor.

    • Remarking requests: Every remarking request should be addressed directly to the instructor of the course at most one week after your grade becomes available. You should attach an extra cover page mentioning the reason for remarking.

    Last Modified: December 8, 2009