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My name is Oktie Hassanzadeh. I joined IBM Research in December 2011. Before that, I was a PhD candidate and an IBM PhD Fellow in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto. I worked in the Database Research Group under the supervision of Renée J. Miller (ACM Fellow and Bell University Labs Chair of Information Systems). My current research interests are:
  • Big Data Exploration & Curation
  • Information Integration, Semantic Link Discovery
  • Web Data Management

   Contact Information
  Office Address:
    Room 5160, Bahen Centre for IT,
    University of Toronto
    40 St. George Street
    Toronto, ON, M5S 2E4 (Map)
Mailing Address:
    Room 3302,
    Dept. of Computer Science,
    10 King's College Rd.
    Toronto, ON, M5S 3G4
Email: myfirstname at cs.toronto.edu
Fax: (416) 978-4765

   Selected Publications
  • Exploring Big Data with Helix: Finding Needles in a Big Haystacki (with J. Ellis, A. Fokoue,A. Kementsietsidis, K. Srinivas, and M. J. Ward), SIGMOD Record 43(4): 43-54 (2014). PDF
  • Discovering Linkage Points over Web Data (with K. Q. Pu, S. Hassas Yeganeh, R. J. Miller, M. Hernandez, L. Popa, and H. Ho), PVLDB Vol. 6 (Presented at VLDB 2013). PDF
  • Instance-Based Matching of Large Ontologies Using Locality-Sensitive Hashing (with S. Duan, A. Fokoue, A. Kementsietsidis, K. Srinivas and M. J. Ward), ISWC2012. Preprint PDF Final PDF
  • Linking Semistructured Data on the Web (with S. Hassas-Yeganeh & R.J. Miller), WebDB2011 (Acceptance Rate 27.9%). PDF
  • Helix: Online Enterprise Data Analytics (with S. Duan, A. Fokoue, A. Kementsietsidis, K. Srinivas and M. J. Ward), WWW2011 (Demo Track). PDF
  • Online Annotation of Text Streams with Structured Entities (with K. Q. Pu, R. Drake and R.J. Miller), CIKM 2010 (Acceptance Rate 13.4%). PDF ACM DL
  • BibBase Triplified (Triplification Challenge Report) (with Reynold Xin, Christian Fritz, Yang Yang, Jiang Du, Minghua Zhao, Renée J. Miller), I-SEMANTICS’10. Won Honorary Mention at the Triplification Challenge 2010 PDF
  • A Framework for Semantic Link Discovery Over Relational Data (with A. Kementsietsidis, L. Lim, R. J. Miller and M. Wang), CIKM 2009 (Acceptance Rate 14.5%). PDF
  • Creating Probabilistic Databases from Duplicated Data (with R. J. Miller), The VLDB Journal, Volume 18, Number 5, Pages 1141-1166, October 2009. Preprint PDF - Final PDF
  • Framework For Evaluating Clustering Algorithms In Duplicate Detection (with F. Chiang, H. C. Lee, and R. J. Miller), PVLDB 2(1):1282-1293 (2009). PDF
  • Linkage Query Writer (with R. Xin, R. J. Miller, L. Lim, A. Kementsietsidis, and M. Wang), PVLDB 2(2):1590-1593 (2000), Presented at VLDB 2009 - Demonstration Track. PDF
  • Linking Open Drug Data (Triplification Challenge Submission) (with A. Jentzsch, J. Zhao, K. Cheung, M. Samwald, B. Andersson), I-SEMANTICS’09. Won the 1st prize at the Triplification Challenge 2009
  • Linked Movie Data Base (Triplification Challenge Report) (with M. P. Consens), I-SEMANTICS’08. Won the 1st prize at the Triplification Challenge 2008
  • Benchmarking Declarative Approximate Selection Predicates Master’s thesis, University of Toronto (Feb 2007). Also a SIGMOD 2007 paper.
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* My name is pronounced Ok-tai, and can also be spelled as Oktay or Oktai or ????? ??? ???? *
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