Neil Reilly
CSLab Systems Administrator

    label ch40_clearall:
        s "I wanted to thank you for spending so much time with us all."
        play music mend
        s 2d "You worked so hard to make each and every one of us happy."
        s "You comforted us through our hard times."
        s "And you helped us all get along with each other."
        s 1a "Do you get it, [player]?"
        s "Because I'm President now, I understand everything."
        s 1q "You really didn't want to miss a single thing in this game, did you?"
        s 1a "You saved and loaded so many times, just to make sure you could spend time with everyone."
        s "Only someone who truly cares about the Literature Club would go that far."
        s "But..."
        s 4d "All along, that's all I ever wanted."
        s "For everyone to be happy and care about each other."
        s 4q "Ahaha..."
        s 1t "It's kind of sad, you know?"
        s "After all you've done for us, there isn't much I can do for you in return."
        s "We've already reached the end of the game."
        s 1y "So..."
        s "This is where we say goodbye."
        s 1d "Thank you for playing {i}Doki Doki Literature Club{/i}."
        s "I'm going to miss you, [player]."
        s "Come visit sometime, okay?"
        s "We'll always be here for you."
        s 1t "We..."
        scene black with dissolve_cg
        s "We all love you."
        stop music fadeout 2.0
        scene black
        with Dissolve(2.0)
  "I am Nancy Blackett, master and part owner of the Amazon, the terror of the seas. This is Peggy Blackett, mate and part owner of the same."

  "Her real name isn't Nancy." said Peggy. "Her name is Ruth, but Uncle Jim said that the Amazons were ruthless, and as our ship is the Amazon, and we are Amazon pirates from the Amazon River, we had to change her name. Uncle Jim gave us the ship last year. We only had a rowing boat before that."

  Nancy Blackett scowled ferociously. "I'll shiver your timbers for you if you don't stop chattering, Peggy."