Nosayba @ UofT

About me..

News: I defended my PhD recently (yay!), and will be starting as a Postdoctoral Associate at CSAIL in MIT soon. I will be working on joint projects with the Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI).

New contact: nosayba at mit dot edu

I'm a fifth year PhD student in the Computer Science department at University of Toronto.  I'm part of the Systems and Networks group, and my advisor is professor Bianca Schroeder.

About what I do..

Supercomputers and High-Performance Computing (HPC) Systems are essential tools for supporting a growing range of modern scientific areas nowadays: weather forecasting, advanced simulations, climate modelling, quantum physics, etc.  
I'm mainly interested in improving the energy-efficiency and reliability of these large-scale systems using different data analysis and simulation techniques. My current research focuses on collecting and analyzing large-scale field data from HPC platforms, and applying rigorous statistical and analytical methods to explore opportunities for reliability and energy-efficiency improvements.

For more details about my current work or research that I've been involved in previously, please have a look at my research page, or for a complete list of my publications -so far-, check the publications page.