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Updated September 30, 1997
New (September 21, 1997): Info about the ACM contest
New (September 21, 1997): UTICPC2 available directly as hypertext or PostScript. Note that it is copyrighted material.
New (September 20, 1997): Results and my solutions for UTICPC2 are posted
New (September 19, 1997): Directions for using Pascal and Java
New (September 18, 1997): The rules for UTICPC2 are now posted here.

This is my page with auxiliary information about the University of Toronto Inter-Campus Programming Contest (UTICPC). It deals mainly with details of a technical nature about the contest.

New: Find out about the tryouts for the ACM contest.


Inaugural UTICPC

The first UTICPC took place on January 10, 1997. Although a large number of volunteers worked hard to get this contest together, here I commend Wayne Hayes for his expert handling of the judging environment, and Evelyn Hsia for coordinating the rest of us.

The contest rules were available in advance, and the full contest became available as of 7pm on January 10, 1997. The solutions, together with some discussion, and the final scores are also online.


After the success of the first UTICPC, we decided to continue the tradition. This page is not the main UTICPC2 page. However, as before, this page deals with technical details of the contest.

The rules are pretty much the same as before, again relying on the honour system for compliance. We also support Java this time around.

There were special directions for using Pascal on CDF, and special (reasonable!) restrictions for using Java for the contest.

The contest is available as hypertext and as PostScript (94031 bytes). But beware of the problems outlined in the comments (see below).

Well, the contest is over (yes, you can stop!), and I hope everybody had a good time. I have written up my comments, solutions, and non-solutions as chief question-maker and judge. The overall standings and standings per division are available. (You'll need the team information to make sense of these tables.) Notice that all undergrad teams (Division I) finished 1-2-3. I think all entrants deserve a pat on the back even only for coming out and trying. I know how hard it is to try your best in a public forum... :-)

A special thank you goes to our sponsors for donating prizes.

Some of you may know I coached the St. George campus team for the ACM Regional Programming Contest in 1996. I won't be coaching this fall. However, if I've said that if I were coaching this fall, I would not use the UTICPC results directly for choosing a team for the ACM competition. The UTICPC is supposed to be fun, and I'd like to keep it that way.

Quote of the page:
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`Fail to honor people,
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Lao Tzu, as quoted by Jane Jacobs, Systems of Survival, chapter 9.

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