1. I am a PhD student in Computer Science and Engineering at University of Washington. My Advisor is  James R. Lee.
  2. I received my Masters degree from Computer Science Department at University of Toronto, under supervision of Avner Magen.
Mohammad Moharrami
I am a graduate student at
mailing address:
Mohammad Moharrami
Computer Science and Engineering
185 Steven’s Way AC101
Paul G. Allen Center Box:3523350
Seattel, WA 98195-2350
Office: CSE 362
Phone: (206) 685 3871
e-mail:  <myname> AT cs DOT washington DOT edu
Other Activities
I have participated in some programming competitions.
As a high school student I have participated in CEOI 2002( as guest) and IOI 2002.
I have also participated in ACM/ICPC Word Finals in 2006 with Hamed Ahmadinejad and Siavosh Benabbas, and in 2007 with Sean Henderson and Frank Chu.
My Ray-tracer won a Wooden Monkey.
Here is some of my ray-tracer outputs:
Research and Courses
Here is my resume.
My main research interests are
  1.  Combinatorial Optimization
  2.  Metric Embedding
  3.  Approximation Algorithms
I have been teacher assistant for the following courses:
  1.  CSC363 Computational Complexity and Computability (Summer 2007, Fall 2007)
  2.  CSC373 Algorithm Design and Analysis (Fall 2006)
  1. Sherali-Adams based Polynomial Approximation Schemes for NP-hard problems on planar and minor-free graphs, with Avner Magen.
  2. On the nonexistence of Dimension Reduction in $\ell_2^2$, with Avner Magen, CCCG 2008.(draft version)
  3. Lower Bound for Distortion of Planar Graph Embedding in the Plane, with MohammadTaghi Hajiaghayi, Erik Demaine and  Mohammad Hossein Bateni, DCG.(link)
Personal Information
List of the countries that I have visited:
Iran, Canada, Turkey, USA, Germany, South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Slovakia
Some links to some of my friends homepages:
I will add more stuff here later
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