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  I am now an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at the University of California, Davis. Formerly, I was an Assistant Professor at Purdue University. Prior to joining academia, I was a Research Staff Member at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. I received my BSc, MSc, and PhD from the Department of Computer Science external link at the University of Toronto external link. In Toronto, I was a member of the Middleware Systems Research Group (MSRG) external link and Database Group external link under the supervision of Prof. Hans-Arno Jacobsen external link.
  Research Interests
  Real-time data analytics systems
Role of modern hardware (e.g., FPGAs, GPUs, SSDs) in database systems
Uncertainty and Inconsistency in Data Management
Data Quality and Data Integration
   Contact Information
  Department of Computer Science
Bahen Center for Information Technology
University of Toronto
40 St. George Street, Room BA5160
Toronto ON M5S 2E4

Email: [mo] at [cs] o [toronto] o [edu]
  Short Bio
 I received a BSc (2006) and MSc (2009) from the Department of Computer Science external link at the University of Toronto external link under the supervision of Prof. Renée J. Miller external link. The complete bio is available here external link.
  Selected Publications:
  • Mohammad Sadoghi and H.-A. Jacobsen.
    Analysis and Optimization for Boolean Expression Indexing. ACM TODS 2013
  • K. Zhang, Mohammad Sadoghi, V. Muthusamy, and H.-A. Jacobsen.
    Distributed Ranked Data Dissemination in Social Networks. ICDCS 2013
  • T. Rabl, Mohammad Sadoghi, H.-A. Jacobsen, S. Gomez-Villamor, V. Muntes-Mulero, and S. Mankovskii.
    Solving Big Data Challenges for Enterprise Application Performance Management. VLDB 2012
  • Mohammad Sadoghi.
    Towards an Extensible Efficient Event Processing Kernel. ACM SIGMOD Ph.D. Symposium 2012
  • Mohammad Sadoghi and H.-A. Jacobsen.
    Relevance Matters: Capitalizing on Less (Top-k Matching in Publish/Subscribe). ICDE 2012
  • Mohammad Sadoghi R. Javed, N. Tarafdar, H. Singh, R. Palaniappan, and H.-A. Jacobsen.
    Multi-Query Stream Processing on FPGAs. ICDE 2012. Demo Trak.
  • Mohammad Sadoghi and H.-A. Jacobsen.
    BE-Tree: An Index Structure to Efficiently Match Boolean Expressions over High-dimensional Discrete Space. ACM SIGMOD 2011.
    [Winner of EPTS Innovative Principle Award 2011] [Download BE-Tree]
  • Mohammad Sadoghi, I. Burcea, and H.-A. Jacobsen.
    GPX-Matcher: A Generic Boolean Predicate-based XPath Expression Matcher. EDBT 2011.
    [Selected for ACM TODS Special Issue on Best Papers of EDBT 2011]
  • Mohammad Sadoghi, M. Labrecque , H. Singh, W. Shum, and H.-A. Jacobsen.
    Efficient Event Processing through Reconfigurable Hardware for Algorithmic Trading. VLDB 2010. Demo Trak.
  • A. Chandel, O. Hassanzadeh, Mohammad Sadoghi, N. Koudas and D. Srivastava.
    Benchmarking Declarative Approximate Selection Predicates. ACM SIGMOD 2007.
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