I am Mahsa Sadi. I have completed my Ph. D. studies in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto in November 2019. I have been a member of the Software Engineering Laboratory since September 2012. Prior to joining University of Toronto, I was a graduate student and research assistant in the Department of Computer Engineering, Sharif University of Technology. My research to date has focused on developing and evaluating tools and techniques that aids in the design and development of software systems. I am on the job market and here is my CV.

Research Projects

Assisting with API Design through Reusing Design Knowledge

In my thesis project, I have developed and evaluated Rational API Designer (RAPID) an assistant that aids in designing non-functional requirements, including security, performance, usability, and others, in the architecture of Web APIs. RAPID has been designed as a conversational assistant and has been implemented and evaluated as a rule-based knowledge-based system in Java. To develop and evaluate RAPID, I have used methods from two fields of Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering, namely knowledge representation, multi-valued logic, automated inference, and empirical software engineering.
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Designing Openness Requirements in Software Platforms
★ ★ ★ Award Winner ★ ★ ★

In this research project, I have devised a semi-formal approach that allows to analyze openness requirements in parallel with other critical requirements such as security, privacy and performance in the design of interaction mechanisms with third-party applications and services. Parts of this research received best-paper award at REFSQ 2017 and was invited to the Empirical Software Engineering journal.
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Modeling and Designing Software Ecosystems
In this exploratory research project, I have studied how social and human-related aspects of software ecosystems can be formally represented and modeled, and how this modeling and analysis can be used to improve the design of the socio-technical environment of software development in software ecosystems.
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Algorithms and Codes

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Room 3270
Bahen Center for Information Technologies
40 St George St.
Toronto, Ontorio, Canada
Email: mhsadi -at- cs -dot- toronto -dot- edu