Pictures from Vyborg (Viipuri).

Pauli Kruhse from Helsinki (Finland) provides collection of documents and pictures pertinent to the history of Vyborg (Viipuri), a city in St.Petersburg region. This city is located near the border with Finland, on the north side of Finnish Bay, approximately 150km from Petersburg. Pauli Kruhse provides the following chronology: Viipuri (now Vyborg) was Finnish settlement as part of Sweden Kingdom in 1293-1710, it was part of Russian Empire in 1710-1917, part of Finland in 1917-1940, 1941-44. From 1944 onward, Vyborg is part of Russian Federation. All pictures below were taken in September 1996.

Original index in Finnish and English is located on server in Helsinki (Finland).

All pictures are (C) Copyright 1996, Pauli Kruhse.
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