Ian Mertz

Department of Computer Science
University of Toronto
10 King's College Road
Sandford Fleming Building, Room SF4302C
Toronto, ON, M5S-3G4

last_name [at] cs.toronto.edu


I'm a first year M.Sc./Ph.D. student in the Theory Group at the University of Toronto, where I'm fortunate to be working under the supervision of Toniann Pitassi and Stephen Cook.

At the moment my research interests mostly include circuit complexity, communication complexity, and proof complexity, as well as resolving some old research on arithmetic circuit complexity, Kolmogorov complexity, and the Minimum Circuit Size Problem. In the future I hope to work on quantum complexity.

I also write about Japan.

teaching assistant
summer 2017 CSC 373 algorithm design, analysis, and complexity
winter 2017 CSC 463 computational complexity and computability
fall 2016 CSC 165 mathematical expression and reasoning for computer science
fall 2015 CS 509 foundations of computer science