Alberto Mendelzon, Recent Papers


Davood Rafiei and Alberto Mendelzon, What do the Neighbours Think? Computing Web Page Reputations, To appear in IEEE Data Engineering Bulletin, September 2000.

Davood Rafiei and Alberto Mendelzon, What is this Page Known for? Computing Web Page Reputations, Proc. WWW9 Conference, Amsterdam, May 2000.

Alberto Mendelzon, Data (and Links) on the Web, slides from a presentation at the 11th NEC Research Symposium, Stanford University, June 2000.

Alberto Mendelzon, The Web is not a Database, slides from a presentation at the Workshop on Internet Data Management, Washington, November 1998.

Gosta Grahne and Alberto Mendelzon, Tableau-Based Techniques for Querying Information Sources through Global Schemas, Proc. ICDT'99, Jerusalem, January 1999. Also published in a volume of the Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes in Computer Science series.

Daniela Florescu, Alon Levy and Alberto Mendelzon, Database Techniques for the World Wide Web: A Survey, ACM SIGMOD Record 27:3, September 1998, 59-74.

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Gustavo Arocena and Alberto Mendelzon, WebOQL: Restructuring Documents, Databases, and Webs, Proc. ICDE'98, Orlando, February 1998.

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Full version in Information Systems 23(8): 615-637 (1998).

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Full version in Int'l Journal on Digital Libraries 1:1(1997), pp. 54-67.

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Masum Hasan, Gene Golovchinsky, Emanuel Noik, Nipon Charoenkitkarn, Mark Chignell, Alberto Mendelzon, David Modjeska, Browsing Local and Global Information, Proc. CASCON'95, Toronto, November 1995.


Carlos Hurtado and Alberto Mendelzon, OLAP Dimension Constraints, Proc. PODS 2002, Madison, June 2002.

Carlos Hurtado and Alberto Mendelzon, Reasoning about Summarizability in Heterogeneous Multidimensional Schemas, Proc. ICDT 2001, London, January 2001.

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Carlos Hurtado, Alberto Mendelzon, and Alejandro Vaisman, Updating OLAP Dimensions DOLAP'99,Kansas City, November 1999, 60-66.

Carlos Hurtado, Alberto Mendelzon, and Alejandro Vaisman, Maintaining Data Cubes under Dimension Updates, Proc. 15th Int'l Conf. on Data Engineering, (ICDE'99),Sydney, March 1999, 346-355.


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Knowledge Base Updates

J. Lin and A.O. Mendelzon, Knowledge Base Merging by Majority, in R. Pareschi and B. Fronhoefer (eds.), Dynamic Worlds: From the Frame Problem to Knowledge Management, Kluwer, 1999.

J. Lin and A.O. Mendelzon, Merging Databases Under Constraints, Int. J. Cooperative Info. Sys. 7(1): 55-76 (1998)

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G. Grahne and A.O. Mendelzon, Updates and Subjunctive Queries, Information and Computation 116:2, February 1995, pp. 241-252.
Ascii abstract.

G.Grahne, A.O. Mendelzon, and R. Reiter, On the Semantics of Belief Revision Systems, Technical Report KRR-TR-95-1, University of Toronto, January 1995.

A.O. Mendelzon, T. Milo, and E. Waller, Object Migration, Proc. ACM PODS, Minneapolis, May 1994, pp. 232-242.

Queries and Rules

H.V. Jagadish, Inderpal Mumick, and A.O. Mendelzon, Managing Conflicts between Rules, J. Computer and System Sciences, 58(1): 13-28 (1999)

C. Faloutsos, H. V. Jagadish, A. O. Mendelzon, and T. Milo, A Signature Technique for Similarity-Based Queries, Proc. Compression and Complexity of Sequences '97 (SEQUENCES '97), Positano, June 1997.

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