CSC104 (Spring 1997) Assignment 3

Computer Science Terminology Research


In this assignment you will do some library and internet research of a specific topic. You may explore computer science, mathematics and engineering publications and periodicals, both in paper and electronic form. You may find information on some topics in the popular press. There may be a news group that focuses on the topic. You may be able to find an expert at the university or in industry either in person or on the internet.


To start this assignment you will need to read your e-mail. You will receive a message from admin@cdfpc with the subject line "104 Assignment 3 topic". Topics will be distributed by e-mail. Each student will receive a different word or phrase to research. You must research the word or phrase that is sent to you. You are not allowed to switch topics. If you do, you will receive a zero for the assignment. Research the topic and write a concise paper of 3-4 double spaced pages. In addition include a title page and your references. You must use an accepted standard form of presentation including references, for example Chicago or APA format. You must include at least 5 outside sources which include a computer science periodical, journal or magazine and at least one electronic source. Start your paper with a clear definition of your term or phrase. In some cases, an example will be appropriate. Then expand your discussion including a description of how the topic relates to the discipline of Computer Science, and how it relates to the topics in CSC 104. If there is room for debate, present both sides of the issue and your opinion. If there is a historical aspect, present a brief history. Make sure that you present the current research and expert opinion on your topic.

University research and writing resources

The library has many resources for researching material. There are many different indexes available in the UofT library catalogs. Focus on those that address your topic. The University also has resources for helping with writing style and proficiency. Start with Other sources of information regarding style and referencing electronic sources will be posted in the course web page.

Web research resources

There are several different search engines on the Web. Erindale students can access things like the yahoo search engines from their accounts, St George students will need to use one of the computers in the library to get sources outside UofT.


Your grade will be based on the completeness of your research and the style of your writing.


Make sure that you are familiar with the guidelines regarding avoiding plagiarism in the code of academic discipline. Contact your instructor if clarification is needed.