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Courses in 2022-23

In the 2022-23 academic year, I will be teaching:

  • Computer Organization (CSC258H1F)
  • Operating Systems (CSC369H1S), and
  • Foundations of Computer Science II (CSC111H1S)

This will be my second time teaching CSC111H1 (though my first time doing it alongisde Professor David Liu). But it will be my third time teaching CMP1 students (pronounced “comp one”), and I can’t wait to meet all the brilliant minds that are completing their first year in computer science!

Both CSC258H1 and CSC369H1 are new courses to me. I am definitely looking forward to learning how students learn new material! My graduate research in computer architecture overlaps with (or at least touches) the majority of topics across those courses. I’m curious to see how my research in computer systems will impact my teaching, if at all.

If you are enrolled in one of those courses and I have never met you, well… I’m excited to meet you! If you have had me as instructor before, I look forward to teaching you again! Maybe I will even see some faces in person this time. Can’t wait!