Lili Sun

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Project Proposal: Comparison of OFS and NFS

Project Introduction and Goals

With the rapid growth of information and data, many areas such as science, engineering and business computing need to deal with large-scale data. As the most important technology in Cloud Computing, virtualization allows the applications to run encapsulated inside a VM. However, it limits opportunities for data reuse as each VM keeps it own independent buffer cache, and result in wasteful duplication if multiple VMs that operate on overlapping files are collocated on the same host. Octopus-File System (OFS) enables cross-VM buffer cache sharing. So the goal of this project is to give the comparison between NFS and OFS through the execution of scheduler built on top of OFS to illustrate the good performance of OFS and find the best algorithm to reduce amount of network transfer, decrease the load on the file server, and increase the system throughput.


Time Note

Sep 26 - Oct 3

Built experimental environment

Oct 4 - Oct 17

Characterize applications runtime

Oct 18 - Oct 24 Let scheduler running on the machines applied from EC2
Oct 24 The First Progress Report
Oct 25 - Oct 31 Configure a pool of NFS servers
Nov 7 - Nov 21 Compare NSF and OFS
Nov 21 The Second Progress Report
Nov 22 - Nov 28 Finishing the experimental results
Nov 29  - Dec 5 Finishing the summary and analysis of the experiment
Dec 7

Project Presentation

Dec 8 - Dec 19

Finishing the final report


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