Current Postdocs
Harel Haim (2018- )
Current PhD Students
Wenzheng Chen (2017- )
Mian Wei (2017- )
Parsa Mirdehghan (2018- )
Robin Swanson (2016- )
Former PhD Students
Huixuan Tang (PhD 2017):
Dissertation: Modeling and Analysis of Optical Blur for Everyday Photography
Current position: Research Scientist,
Oculus VR.
Matt O'Toole (PhD 2016):
Dissertation: Optical Linear Algebra for Computational Light Transport
Current position: Assistant Professor,
Carnegie Mellon University. 
Past positiions: NSERC Banting Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford.
Jonathan Taylor (PhD 2013):
Dissertation: Non-rigid structure from locally-rigid motion
Current position: Senior Scientist and Founding Team Member,
Perceptive IO. 
Past positiions: Researcher, Microsoft Research Cambridge.
Nigel Morris (PhD 2010):
Dissertation: Shape Estimatiom Under General Reflectance and Opacity
Current position: Principal Research Engineer,
Autodesk Research.
Ady Ecker (PhD 2010):
Dissertation: Linear, Discrete and Quadratic Constraints in Single-Image 3D Reconstruction
Current position: Researcher,
Given Imaging, Israel.
Sam Hasinoff (PhD 2008):
Dissertation: Variable-Aperture Photography
Current position: Software Engineer,
Google Research. 
Past positiions: Postdoctoral Fellow, MIT; Research Assistant Professor, TTIC.
Rahul Bhotika (PhD 2003):
Dissertation: Scene-space methods for bayesian inference of 3d shape and motion
Current position: Researcher,
Amazon, Visual Search. 
Past positiions: Manager, Image Analytics Lab, GE Research.
Rodrigo Carceroni (PhD 2001):
Dissertation: Recovering non-rigid three-dimensional motion, shape and reflectance from multi-view image sequences: a differential-geometric approach
Current position: Senior Software Engineer,
Past positiions: Postdoctoral Fellow, UPenn; Assistant Professor, Univ. Minas-Gerais, Brazil.
Jim Vallino (PhD 1998):
Dissertation: Interactive augmented reality
Current position: Professor and Chair,
Dept. of Software Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology.
Former MSc Students
Yawen Ma (MSc 2019):
MSc thesis: Hyperspectral Projector System
Zhaowei Liu (MSc 2018):
MSc thesis: Environment Lighting Estimation Using Faces in Videos
Current position: Tech Lead,
CIBC Live Labs.
Parsa Mirdehghan (MSc 2018):
MSc thesis: Optimal Structured Light a la Carte
Current position: PhD student,
University of Toronto.
Pan Zhang (MSc 2017):
MSc thesis: Looking around corners
Current position: Research Software Engineer,
Autodesk Inc..
Mian Wei (MSc 2017):
MSc thesis: Single-Shot Indirect-Invariant Photometric Stereo by Coded Two-Bucket Imaging
Current position: PhD student,
University of Toronto.
Liviu-Mihai Calin (MSc 2016):
MSc thesis: Mean-Subtracted Normalized Cross-Correlation Structured Light
Current position: Software Engineer,
Huixuan Tang (MSc 2010):
MSc thesis: Light-Efficient Panoramas
Current position: Research Scientist,
Oculus VR.
Sofia Karygianni (MSc 2009):
MSc thesis: Face Tracking via Affine Invariant Features in Video
Current position: Ph.D. student,
Matt O'Toole (MSc 2009):
MSc thesis: Light Transport Analysis by Krylov Subspace Illumination
Current position: Assistant Professor,
Carnegie Mellon University.
Eron Steger (MSc 2006):
MSc thesis: Reconstructing Transparent Objects by Refractive Light-Path Triangulation
Current position: Senior Software Engineer,
Nigel Morris (MSc 2004):
MSc thesis: Image-based Water Surface Reconstruction with Refractive Stereo
Current position: Principal Research Engineer,
Autodesk Research.
Sam Hasinoff (MSc 2002):
MSc thesis: Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Fire from Images
Current position: Software Engineer,
Google Research.
Xavier Snelgrove (MSc ):
Current position: Cofounder & CTO,
Recent Former Undergraduate Students
Andrew Tan (BSc 2019): Graduate student, MIT.
Michael Yin (BSc expected 2019)
Gary Leung (BSc expected 2019)
Zhaowei Liu (BSc 2016): Tech Lead, CIBC Live Labs.
Kenan Deng (BSc 2018): Graduate student, CMU.
Yue Jiang (BSc 2018): N/A.
Mian Wei (BSc 2015): PhD student, University of Toronto.
John Mather (BSc 2015): Senior Pipeline TD, Industrial Brothers.
Ailie Fraser (BSc 2014): Ph.D. Student, UCSD.
Konstantine Tsotsos (BEng 2011): Researcher, Google/Tango.
Andrej Karpathy (BSc 2009): Director of AI, Tesla.
Dajiang Wei (BEng 2008): Engineer, CapCom Canada.
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