CSC 108S: Introduction to Computer Programming

Spring term 1999

Ken Jackson's section

CSC 108S is an undergraduate course offered by the Dept. of Computer Science at the University of Toronto .

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Course Outline

In PDF, postscript or plain text.
(The plain text version is ugly, so should be accessed only if the first two versions are not readable on your system.)

Lecture Slides and Example Programs


Information about the assignments (including solutions to assignments you have handed in) is available from Dr. Clarke's web page.

Pick Up Your Assignments

All of your TAs have returned Assignment 4 to me now. I left all but four of the assignments that I have received back in the CSSU Office in the Engineering Annex for you to pick up. I've also posted an updated marks list on our web page. Please see the section below about checking your marks.

Check Your Marks

I've added your exam mark and a "tentative final mark" for CSC 108 to the list of term marks I posted earlier. Check your marks on the CSC 108S marks list. If you find any errors, please let me know as soon as possible. Also take a look at the summary data at the end of the marks file.

The "tentative final mark" noted above is the mark I submitted for you to your faculty. However, the marks are not final until they are accepted by the faculty. You will receive your official final mark from the faculty soon.

Only your student number -- not your name -- will appear on the marks list. However, some students are not happy even with this level of anonymity. If you prefer that I do not include your marks on the list, please email me. Include your name and student number in the message.


The CSC 108S exam is open book. That is, you can bring your textbook, but nothing else. See our course outline above for further details.

A summary of the material we covered in CSC 108S and some advice about writing the exam are provided here. Dr. Clarke also prepared some advice for his section of CSC 108S that you may find helpful. I also suggest that you look at his inheritance example. Try to figure out what the program prints and then run it to see if you are right.

To prepare for the exam, you may find it useful to look at some exams from previous years.

You can find this year's exam schedule and other useful information about exams at UofT here.

Other Information

Follow this link to a page maintained by Dr. Clarke that contains a list of useful information about CSC 108S.

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