CSCD 43 -- Database Systems Technology

Winter 2023

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This Page is not Maintained anymore, the course has moved to Quercus. Basic course information is provided below

Contact information and meeting times

Instructor:  Nick Koudas
Office hours: Fridays 11-1 or appointment
Office:   IC468 (Scarborough campus);  BA 5240 (St. George campus)
Telephone:  416-287-7253 (Scarborough campus);  416-946-5819 (St. George campus) 
Email:  koudas AT cs Dot toronto Dot edu

NOTE: When sending email to the above address, prefix your subject line with CSCD43
Please be precise and brief. I prefer plain text emails. Do not send me pieces of code
asking me what is wrong; please see the TA's.

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Course content

Course goals:   The course is an introduction to the technology behind relational database management systems. The topics covered include: storage systems, buffer management, physical database design, indexing and searching in one and more dimensions, query processing, query optimization, transactions management, recovery. The main goal of the course is to introduce techniques and principles used in the kernel of relational databases. The course will involve changing the kernel of a real database system to gain exposure on the underlying techniques. If time permits we will discuss other data architectures (column stores, Spark, Main Memory Data Systems).

Required Text:  Ramakrishnan and Gehrke: Database Management Systems, Third Edition, McGraw Hill.