Karolina Buchner

Karolina Buchner


I am currently a Research Engineer at Yahoo Labs. You can find me here.

I worked on the XL C/C++ Compilers at the IBM Toronto Software Lab from July 2003 to May 2006.

I completed my M.Sc. in June 2003.

Research Interests

Machine learning, natural language processing, internet search.


machine learning@toronto, the University of Toronto Machine Learning Research Group


MyChannel: Exploring City-Based Multimedia News Presentations on the Living Room TV, TVX 2014
Frank Bentley, Karolina Buchner, and Jofish Kaye

Interaction Techniques for Co-located Collaborative TV, SIGCHI 2013
Karolina Buchner, Roman Lisserman, and Lars Erik Holmquist

Towards Recency Ranking in Web Search, WSDM 2010
Anlei Dong, Yi Chang, Zhaohui Zheng, Gilad Mishne, Jing Bai, Karolina Buchner, Ruiqiang Zhang, Ciya Liao and Fernando Diaz


CSC 2103 Software Architecture & Design
CSC 2426 Topics in Cryptography
CSC 2504 Computer Graphics
CSC 2509 Data Management Systems
CSC 2511 Natural Language Computing
CSC 2515 Machine Learning
CSC 2535 Computation in Neural Networks: Networks for Learning & Inference in Vision
CSC 2541 Topics in Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning


SCI 199Y Great Ideas in Computing

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Contact information

email: karolina [at] cs.toronto.edu