Ian Lawson Van Toch Memorial Award
for Outstanding Student Paper

at ISMB conferences

The Outstanding Student Paper Award is given to the student who presents the most thought-provoking or original paper at the Conference, as judged by the panel of experts.

This award is given in memory of Ian Lawson Van Toch, a 23 year old Medical Biophysics graduate student at the University of Toronto who passed away in August 2007. Ian was fortunate to have already discovered his passion for computational biology and how it can - and will - lead to quantum breakthroughs in cancer research. This passion was sparked when Dr. Igor Jurisica hired Ian to work in his lab at the Ontario Cancer Institute as a researcher during the summer of 2006. That introduction blossomed into a mentoring relationship that is so vital to helping young students launch their careers.

Lucas Ward, Columbia University, United States;  (Next position: PDF at MIT)

Predicting functional transcription factor binding through alignment-free and affinity-based analysis of orthologous promoter sequences

Current position: Bioinformatics Scientist II at 5AM Solutions, Inc., Rockville, MD
& Research Affiliate at MIT

Manfred Claassen, ETH Zurich, Switzerland; (Next position: PDF at Stanford University;

Proteome coverage prediction with infinite Markov models

Current position: Assistant Prof. at The Institute of Molecular Systems Biology at the ETH Zurich

Keren Yizhak, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Integrating quantitative proteomics and metabolomics with a genome-scale metabolic network mode

Sara Berthoumieux, INRIA, France

Identification of metaboloic network models from incomplete high-throughput datasets

Current position: Project Leader in Data Analysis at Genomic Vision, Paris, France

Deniz Yorukoglu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States

Dissect: Detection and Characterization of Novel Structural Alterations in Transcribed Sequences

Wyatt Clark, Indiana University, United States

Information-theoretic evaluation of predicted ontological annotations

Current position: Scientist I, Cellular Genetics, Research & Development, BioMarin Pharmaceuticals Inc., Novato, California

Andrey D. Prjibelski, St. Petersburg University of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

ExSPAnder: a Universal Repeat Resolver for DNA Fragment Assembly

Farhad Hormozdiari, UCLA, United States

Identification of causal genes for complex traits

Yaron Orenstein, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States

RCK: accurate and efficient inference of sequence and structure-based protein-RNA binding models from RNAcompete data

Kymberleigh Pagel, Indiana University, United States

When loss-of-function is loss of function: Assessing mutational signatures and impact of loss-of-function genetic variants

Rani Powers, University of Colorado, United States

GSEA-InContext: Identifying novel and common patterns in expression experiments

The support for this Award is generously provided by Ian's parents, family and friends, in collaboration with: