Jake Snell

PhD Candidate
Machine Learning Group
Department of Computer Science
University of Toronto

Email: jsnell [at] cs [dot] toronto [dot] edu

Curriculum vitae (last updated: May 2017).


Learning to Generate Images with Perceptual Similarity Metrics.
Jake Snell, Karl Ridgeway, Renjie Liao, Brett Roads, Michael C. Mozer & Richard S. Zemel. (to appear, ICIP 2017)

Prototypical Networks for Few-Shot Learning
Jake Snell, Kevin Swersky & Richard S. Zemel. (2017) [Arxiv Preprint]


My research interests lie primarily in transfer learning and generative modeling. I've also worked on structured output learning and image segmentation.

My supervisor is Rich Zemel.


Code I've made publicly available can be found on my Github page.


Here are pdf slides of a tutorial I gave on the Julia programming language, May 2014.