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This is François's church!

Église St-François

The emergency exit at our hotel, La Maison Acadienne.

Small Door

ZuZu with our lunch near the Citadelle.

ZuZu at our Picnic

ZuZu on the city wall.

ZuZu on the city wall

Dinner on the Louis-Jolliet cruise ship: ZuZu, Richard Fernandez, Kevin Lam, Lesley Marino.

Cruise dinner

Lesley interrupted in her picture-taking session.


Dinner at Café de Paris: Joe Piwowar, Ellsworth LeDrew, Lesley Marino, Joni Bugden.

Café de Paris

ZuZu on our rollerblading adventure by Toronto's Harbourfront.

ZuZu on rollerblades

François and Marie-Josée at the Norigen stage at Harbourfront.

François and Marie-Josée

This is one road in Pennsylvania! Any guess which way we were actually heading???

A road with 3 directions